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Flexible Network 1-gen-2007 Lanzara, Giulia; Chang, F. K.
Novel processes to reinforce the piezoelectric actuator interface with carbon nanotubes 1-gen-2007 Lanzara, G.; Chang, F. K.
Stretching of a monolithic silicon-based sensor network for large area embedded structural health monitoring 1-gen-2007 Lanzara, G.; Feng, J.; Huang, K.; Dinyari, R.; Kim, J. Y.; Peumans, R.; Chang, R. -K.
Characterization of CNTs-reinforced interfaces for surface mounted piezoelectric actuators 1-gen-2007 Lanzara, G.; Chang, F. K.
Nanocomposite functional bond with carbon nanotubes 1-gen-2007 Lanzara, G.; Yoon, Y.; Chang, F. K.
An approach to cost-effective, robust, large-area electronics using monolithic silicon 1-gen-2007 Huang, Kevin; Dinyari, Rostam; Lanzara, Giulia; Jong, Yon Kim; Feng, Jianmin; Vancura, Cyril; Chang, Fu-Kuo; Peumans, Peter
Flexible Netwokr 1-gen-2008 Lanzara, Giulia; Chang, F. K.
A large area flexible expandable network for structural health monitoring 1-gen-2008 Lanzara, Giulia; Feng, Jianmin; Chang, Fu-Kuo
Design of stretchable microwires for flexible networks 1-gen-2008 Lanzara, G.; Guo, Z.; Feng, J.; Chang, F. K.
"Stretchable silicon" wired sensor networks for smart materials 1-gen-2008 Huang, K.; Dinyari, R.; Kim, J. Y.; Peumans, P.; Feng, J.; Lanzara, G.; Chang, F. K.
Carbon nanotube coated piezoelectric ceramic for self-health-monitoring 1-gen-2009 Zhang, Lunwei; Lanzara, Giulia; Chang, Fu-Kuo
Design of planar electrodes for multifunctional piezoelectric sensors 1-gen-2009 Salowitz, N.; Lanzara, G.; Guo, Z.; Rose, J.; Chang, F. -K.
Influence of interface degradation on the performance of piezoelectric actuators 1-gen-2009 Lanzara, Giulia; Yoon, Youngki; Kim, Yujun; Chang, Fu-Kuo
Multifunctional sensor nodes in stretchable network for structural health monitoring 1-gen-2009 Lanzara, G.; Salowitz, N.; Guo, Z.; Chatterjee, D.; Kim, K.; Peumans, P.; Chang, F. -K.
Design and characterization of a carbon-nanotube-reinforced adhesive coating for piezoelectric ceramic discs 1-gen-2009 Lanzara, G.; Chang, F. -K.
Carbon nanotube reservoirs for self-healing materials 1-gen-2009 Lanzara, G.; Yoon, Y.; Liu, H.; Peng, S.; Lee, W. -I.
Carbon nanosensors for health monitoring of PZT bondline during curing and its in-service life 1-gen-2010 Lanzara, G.; Zhang, L.; Chang, F. -K.
Design of micro-scale highly expandable networks of polymer-based substrates for macro-scale applications 1-gen-2010 Lanzara, G.; Feng, J.; Chang, F. -K.
Mechanical properties of nanostructured carbon layers grown by CVD and PLD techniques 1-gen-2010 Mangione, A.; Lanzara, G.; Torrisi, L.; Caridi, F.
A spider-web-like highly expandable sensor network for multifunctional materials 1-gen-2010 Lanzara, Giulia; Salowitz, Nathan; Guo, Zhiqiang; Chang, Fu-Kuo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 74
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