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Mineralogical study of historical bricks from the Great Palace of the Byzantine Emperors in Istanbul based on powder X-ray diffraction data 1-gen-2005 Ballato, Paolo; Cruciani, Giuseppe; Dalconi, Maria Chiara; Fabbri, Bruno; Macchiarola, Michele
Tectonic control on sedimentary facies pattern and sediment accumulation rates in the Miocene foreland basin of the southern Alborz mountains, northern Iran 1-gen-2008 Ballato, Paolo; Nowaczyk, Norbert R.; Landgraf, Angela; Strecker, Manfred R.; Friedrich, Anke; Tabatabaei, Saeid H.
Fault-kinematic and geomorphic observations along the North Tehran Thrust and Mosha Fasham Fault, Alborz mountains Iran: Implications for fault-system evolution and interaction in a changing tectonic regime 1-gen-2009 Landgraf, A; Ballato, Paolo; Strecker, M. R.; Friedrich, A.; Tabatabaei, S. H.; Shahpasandzadeh, M.
Middle to late Miocene Middle Eastern climate from stable oxygen and carbon isotope data, southern Alborz mountains, N Iran 1-gen-2010 Ballato, Paolo; Mulch, Andreas; Landgraf, Angela; Strecker, Manfred R.; Dalconi, Maria C.; Friedrich, Anke; Tabatabaei, Saeid H.
Arabia-Eurasia continental collision: Insights from late Tertiary foreland-basin evolution in the Alborz Mountains, Northern Iran 1-gen-2011 Ballato, Paolo; Uba, Cornelius E.; Landgraf, Angela; Strecker, Manfred R.; Sudo, Masafumi; Stockli, Daniel F.; Friedrich, Anke; Tabatabaei, Saeid H.
The Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) in shallow-marine successions of the Adriatic carbonate platform (SW Slovenia) 1-gen-2012 Zamagni, Jessica; Mutti, Maria; Ballato, Paolo; Košir, Adrijan
Differential uplift along the northern margin of the central anatolian plateau: Inferences from marine terraces 1-gen-2013 Yildirim, Cengiz; Melnick, Daniel; Ballato, Paolo; Schildgen, Taylor F.; Echtler, Helmut; Erginal, A. Evren; Iyak, Nafiye Güneç; Strecker, Manfred R.
Accommodation of transpressional strain in the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone: New constraints from (U-Th)/He thermochronology in the Alborz mountains, north Iran 1-gen-2013 Ballato, Paolo; Stockli, Daniel F.; Ghassemi, Mohammad R.; Landgraf, Angela; Strecker, Manfred R.; Hassanzadeh, Jamshid; Friedrich, Anke; Tabatabaei, Saeid H.
Differentiating simple and composite tectonic landscapes using numerical fault slip modeling with an example from the south central Alborz Mountains, Iran 1-gen-2013 Landgraf, A; Zielke, O.; Arrowsmith, J. R.; Ballato, Paolo; Strecker, M. R.; Schildgen, T. F.; Friedrich, A. M.; Tabatabaei, S. H.
Assessing tectonic and climatic causal mechanisms in foreland-basin stratal architecture: Insights from the Alborz Mountains, northern Iran 1-gen-2014 Ballato, Paolo; Strecker, Manfred R.
Kinematic links between the Eastern Mosha Fault and the North Tehran Fault, Alborz range, northern Iran 1-gen-2014 Ghassemi, Mohammad R; Fattahi, Morteza; Landgraf, Angela; Ahmadi, Mehdi; Ballato, Paolo; Tabatabaei, Saeid H.
Tectonic magnetic lineation and oroclinal bending of the Alborz range: Implications on the Iran-Southern Caspian geodynamics 1-gen-2015 Cifelli, Francesca; Ballato, Paolo; Alimohammadian, H; Sabouri, J; Mattei, Massimo
The Ahar-Varzeghan earthquake doublet (M<inf>w</inf> 6.4 and 6.2) of 11 August 2012: Regional seismic moment tensors and a seismotectonic interpretation 1-gen-2015 Donner, Stefanie; Ghods, Abdolreza; Krüger, Frank; Rößler, Dirk; Landgraf, Angela; Ballato, Paolo
The growth of a mountain belt forced by base-level fall: Tectonics and surface processes during the evolution of the Alborz Mountains, N Iran 1-gen-2015 Ballato, Paolo; Landgraf, Angela; Schildgen, Taylor F.; Stockli, Daniel F.; Fox, Matthew; Ghassemi, Mohammad R.; Kirby, Eric; Strecker, Manfred R.
Intracontinental subduction beneath the Pamir Mountains: Constraints from thermokinematic modeling of shortening in the Tajik fold-and-thrust belt 1-gen-2017 Chapman, James B.; Carrapa, Barbara; Ballato, Paolo; Decelles, Peter G.; Worthington, James; Oimahmadov, Ilhomjon; Gadoev, Mustafo; Ketcham, Richard
Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the northern Iranian Plateau: insights from middle-late Miocene foreland-basin deposits 1-gen-2017 Ballato, Paolo; Cifelli, Francesca; Heidarzadeh, Ghasem; Ghassemi, Mohammad R.; Wickert, Andrew D.; Hassanzadeh, Jamshid; Dupont Nivet, Guillaume; Balling, Philipp; Sudo, Masafumi; Zeilinger, Gerold; Schmitt, Axel K.; Mattei, Massimo; Strecker, Manfred R.
Lake overspill and onset of fluvial incision in the Iranian Plateau: Insights from the Mianeh Basin 1-gen-2017 Heidarzadeh, Ghasem; Ballato, Paolo; Hassanzadeh, Jamshid; Ghassemi, Mohammad R.; Strecker, Manfred R.
Multiple Exhumation Phases in the Central Pontides (N Turkey): New Temporal Constraints on Major Geodynamic Changes Associated With the Closure of the Neo-Tethys Ocean 1-gen-2018 Ballato, P.; Parra, M.; Schildgen, T. F.; Dunkl, I.; Yıldırım, C.; Özsayın, E.; Sobel, E. R.; Echtler, H.; Strecker, M. R.
Sedimentary loading–unloading cycles and faulting in intermontane basins: Insights from numerical modeling and field observations in the NW Argentine Andes 1-gen-2019 Ballato, Paolo; Brune, Sascha; Strecker, Manfred R.
Neogene Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Intermontane Tarom Basin: Insights Into Basin Filling and Plateau Building Processes Along the Northern Margin of the Iranian Plateau (Arabia-Eurasia Collision Zone) 1-gen-2021 Paknia, M.; Ballato, P.; Heidarzadeh, G.; Cifelli, F.; Hassanzadeh, J.; Vezzoli, G.; Mirzaie Ataabadi, M.; Ghassemi, M. R.; Mattei, M.
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