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A new low impact cleaning method to remove biopatinas from marble surfaces 1-gen-2018 Toreno, G.; Isola, D.; Meloni, P.; Carcangiu, G.; Selbmann, L.; Onofri, S.; Caneva, G.; Zucconi, L.
Biological risk for hypogea: Shared data from etruscan tombs in italy and ancient tombs of the Baekje Dynasty in Republic of Korea 1-gen-2020 Caneva, G.; Isola, D.; Lee, H. J.; Chung, Y. J.
Roots Damages In Etruscan Tombs And Biomolecular Tools For Their Identification 1-gen-2021 Isola, Daniela; Bartoli, Flavia; Langone, Simone; Zucconi, Laura; Ceschin, Simona
Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial activity of green biocides on infected substrata reproducing original materials of Italian tombs 1-gen-2021 Bartoli, Flavia; Caneva, Giulia; Isola, Daniela; CASANOVA MUNICCHIA, Annalaura
Black Fungi In Etruscan Tombs Of Tarquinia: New Findings From Different Tombs 1-gen-2021 Zucconi, Laura; Caneva, Giulia; Bartoli, Flavia; Isola, Daniela
Plant DNA Barcode as a Tool for Root Identification in Hypogea: The Case of the Etruscan Tombs of Tarquinia (Central Italy) 1-gen-2021 Isola, Daniela; Bartoli, Flavia; Langone, Simone; Ceschin, Simona; Zucconi, Laura; Caneva, Giulia
Dark-pigmented biodeteriogenic fungi in etruscan hypogeal tombs: New data on their culture-dependent diversity, favouring conditions, and resistance to biocidal treatments 1-gen-2021 Isola, Daniela; Zucconi, Laura; Cecchini, Adele; Caneva, Giulia
Protecting monuments and plant biodiversity in archaeological sites: the case of the Etruscan necropolis of “Monterozzi” (Tarquinia, central Italy) 1-gen-2022 Cicinelli, E.; Zangari, G.; Bartoli, F.; Isola, D.; Lucchese, F.; Caneva, G.
Black Fungi and Stone Heritage Conservation: Ecological and Metabolic Assays for Evaluating Colonization Potential and Responses to Traditional Biocides 1-gen-2022 Isola, Daniela; Bartoli, Flavia; Meloni, Paola; Caneva, Giulia; Zucconi, Laura
Fungi Affecting Wall Paintings of Historical Value: A Worldwide Meta-Analysis of Their Detected Diversity 1-gen-2022 Zucconi, Laura; Canini, Fabiana; Isola, Daniela; Caneva, Giulia
Green biocides for the conservation of hypogeal mural paintings raised from Western and Eastern traditions: Evaluation of interference on pigments and substrata and multifactor parameters affecting their activity 1-gen-2023 Isola, D; Bartoli, F; Municchia, Ac; Lee, Hj; Jeong, Sh; Chung, Yj; Caneva, G
The Roman Houses of the Caelian Hill (Rome, Italy): Multitemporal Evaluation of Biodeterioration Patterns 1-gen-2023 Isola, Daniela; Bartoli, Flavia; Morretta, Simona; Caneva, Giulia
Science for art: multi-years' evaluations of biocidal efficacy in support of artwork conservation 1-gen-2023 Bartoli, Flavia; Isola, Daniela; Casanova Municchia, Annalaura; Kumbaric, Alma; Caneva, Giulia
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