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Democracy Assistance in the Middle East and North Africa: A Comparison of US and EU Policies 1-gen-2008 Huber, Daniela Verena
Civil Society Against Sanction Busters in Iran: The Cases of Germany and Austria 1-gen-2011 Huber, Daniela
The De-Threatenization of the Other: an Israeli and a Palestinian Case of Understanding the Other’s Suffering 1-gen-2012 Kamel, Lorenzo; Huber, Daniela
Turkish-Israeli Relations in a Changing Strategic Environment 1-gen-2013 Huber, Daniela Verena
US and EU Human Rights and Democracy Promotion since the Arab Spring. Rethinking its Content, Targets and Instruments 1-gen-2013 Huber, Daniela
India's Peacebuilding between Rights and Needs: Transformation of Local Conflict Spheres in Bihar, North-East India and Jammu and Kashmir? 1-gen-2014 Pogodda, S; Huber, D
A Pragmatic Actor? The US Response to the Arab Uprisings 1-gen-2014 Huber, Daniela Verena
Democracy Promotion and Foreign Policy: Identity and Interests in US, EU and Non-Western Democracies 1-gen-2015 Huber, Daniela Verena
Arab Spring: The Role of the Peripheries 1-gen-2015 Huber, D; Kamel, L
Arab Spring: A Decentring Research Agenda 1-gen-2015 Kamel, L; Huber, D
Arab Spring and Peripheries. A Decentring Research Agenda 1-gen-2016 Huber, Daniela Verena; Kamel, Lorenzo
Youth as a New Foreign Policy Challenge in Middle East and North Africa: A Critical Interrogation of European Union and US Youth Policies in Morocco and Tunisia 1-gen-2017 Huber, Daniela
Israeli Regional Perspectives and the Mediterranean 1-gen-2017 Huber, Daniela Verena
The EU and 50 Years of Occupation: Resistant to or Complicit with Normalization? 1-gen-2018 Huber, D
Ten Years Into the Arab Uprising: Images of EU???s Presence, Practices, and Alternatives in the Mediterranean Space 1-gen-2020 Huber, Daniela Verena
Contesting EU as Empire from Within? Analysing European Perceptions on EU Presence and Practices in the Mediterranean 1-gen-2020 Huber, Daniela Verena; Cristina Paciello, Maria
The EU in the world: The progressive potential 1-gen-2020 Huber, D
The International Dimension of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict. A Post-Eurocentric Approach 1-gen-2021 Huber, Daniela Verena
Ten Years of Arab Uprisings: A Conceptual Appraisal 1-gen-2021 Huber, Daniela Verena
Introduction 1-gen-2021 Huber, Daniela Verena; Bouris, Dimitris; Pace, Michelle
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