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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A development pathway to optimise sustainability of water investment and minimise social cost 1-gen-2012 Gilmont, M.; Antonelli, Marta; Greco, F.
A knowledge oriented approach to the investigation of italian banks performances 1-gen-2011 Gigante, Gimede; Previati, Daniele Angelo
A Linear Programming Model for Enhanced Indexation based on Strong Stochastic Dominance 1-gen-2012 R., Bruni; Cesarone, Francesco; A., Scozzari; F., Tardella
A Linear Risk-Return Model for Enhanced Indexation 1-gen-2012 Bruni, R; Cesarone, Francesco; Scozzari, A; Tardella, F.
A mixed-type distribution for inventory management 1-gen-2013 Cenci, Marisa; Gheno, Andrea
A model for pricing real estate derivatives with stochastic interest rates 1-gen-2009 Ciurlia, P; Gheno, Andrea
A mutual symbiotic relationship between IC and Sustainability reporting processes 1-gen-2012 Demartini, Paola; Paoloni, P.
"A new performance reporting for sustainability projects” 1-gen-2013 Demartini, Paola; Paoloni, Mauro; Bernardi, Cristiana; Paoloni, P.
A New Performance Evaluation Tool: The Experience of an Italian Agricultural Company 1-gen-2013 D'Alessio, Lidia; Biondi, Lucia; Gulluscio, C; Rossi, A.
A new portfolio selection approach: Models and Algorithms 1-gen-2010 Cesarone, Francesco; A., Scozzari; F., Tardella
A note on the pricing of perpetual continuous-installment options 1-gen-2009 Ciurlia, Pierangelo; Camilla, Caperdoni
A Note on the Swampy Field of Shirking and the Blanchard-Tirole Design of Employment Protection 1-gen-2014 Potestio, Maria Paola
A Path Model for the Choice of a Useful Intellectual Capital Approach. Evidence from a High-Tech Global Player 1-gen-2011 Demartini, Paola; Paoloni, Mauro; Paoloni, P.
A Practically Realizable Strong Stochastic Dominance Model for Enhanced Indexation 1-gen-2013 R., Bruni; Cesarone, Francesco; A., Scozzari; F., Tardella
A Proposal to Measure Banks' Reputation Using Twitter 1-gen-2014 Gabbi, G; Farina, V; Previati, Daniele Angelo
A review of methods for combining internal and external data 1-gen-2014 Galloppo, Giuseppe; Previati, Daniele Angelo
A Risk-Return Approach to Enhanced Indexation 1-gen-2012 R., Bruni; Cesarone, Francesco; A., Scozzari; F., Tardella
A Short Note on Heterogeneity 1-gen-1996 Potestio, Maria Paola
A strategic framework for marketing Sweet Reinforced and Fortified Wines 1-gen-2013 Mattiacci, A; Nosi, Costanza
A Theoretical Framework for Corporate Delistings: Governance Changes and Value Dynamics. 1-gen-2013 Onesti, Tiziano; Romano, M; Favino, C; Pieri, V.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 3.854
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