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A Holistic Impact Assessment for Cultural Organisations 1-gen-2022 Baioni, Mauro; Bollo, Alessandro; Cicerchia, Annalisa; Demartini, Paola; Marchegiani, Lucia; Marchiori, Michela; Marucci, Flavia
Holocene sea ice variability driven by wind and polynya efficiency in the Ross Sea 1-gen-2017 Mezgec, K.; Stenni, B.; Crosta, X.; Masson-Delmotte, V.; Baroni, C.; Braida, M.; Ciardini, V.; Colizza, E.; Melis, Roberta; Salvatore, M. C.; Severi, M.; Scarchilli, C.; Traversi, R.; Udisti, R.; Frezzotti, M.
Host States and Sovereign Wealth Funds, between National Security and International Law 1-gen-2010 Bassan, Fabio
Household food waste behaviour in EU-27 countries: A multilevel analysis 1-gen-2015 Secondi, Luca; Principato, Ludovica; Laureti, Tiziana
The household wasteful behaviour framework: A systematic review of consumer food waste 1-gen-2020 Principato, L.; Mattia, G.; Di Leo, A.; Pratesi, C. A.
How and when do employees hide knowledge from co-workers? 1-gen-2022 Arain, Ghulam Ali; Hameed, Imran; Khan, Abdul Karim; Dello Strologo, Alberto; Dhir, Amandeep
How and whether Corporate Social Performance Reduces Firm Risk? The Moderating Role of Corporate Governance 1-gen-2022 Ferraris, A.; Battisti, Enr.; Nirino, N.; Dellatti, S.; Farina Briamonte, M.
How Brand Equity Management leads to Debt-Holder-Risk 1-gen-2019 Magni, D.; Petruzzelllis, L.; Pezzi, A.
How can experience influence cross-Border M & A performance? 1-gen-2015 Pezzi, Alberto
How can experience influence cross-border M&A performance? 1-gen-2016 Pezzi, Alberto
How can SMES’ winemakers know the cost of their product? Evidence from an Italian case study 1-gen-2013 Biondi, Lucia; D'Alessio, L; Francese, U; Gulluscio, C; Rossi, A.
"How differing strategy, risk and value before and after the recent financial crisis has affected the major Italian banks" 1-gen-2013 Gigante, Gimede
How do banks make money for their owners? An analysis of the determinants of shareholder value creation in European banking 1-gen-2007 Fiordelisi, Franco; Molyneux, P.
How do fathers influence daughters’ identity as family business leaders in the post-succession phase? 1-gen-2020 Sentuti, A.; Cesaroni, F. M.; Demartini, P.
How do medium-sized US and European firms perform in the stock market? Evidence from cross-border mergers and acquisitions 1-gen-2015 Morresi, Ottorino; Pezzi, Alberto
How do scholars approach the circular economy? A systematic literature review 1-gen-2018 Merli, Roberto; Preziosi, Michele; Acampora, Alessia
How does mutual fund flow respond to oil market volatility? 1-gen-2020 Jawid Alsubaiei, Bader; Calice, Giovanni; Vivian, Andrew
How Does Oil Market Volatility Impact Mutual Fund Performance?” 1-gen-2024 Jawid Alsubaiei, Bader; Calice, Giovanni; Vivian, Andrew
How Much is CEO Education Worth to a Firm? Evidence from European Firms 1-gen-2017 Pezzi, Alberto; Morresi, Ottorino
Mostrati risultati da 1.804 a 1.823 di 4.635
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