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Basalt-based fiber-reinforced materials and structural applications in civil engineering 1-gen-2019 Monaldo, Elisabetta; Nerilli, Francesca; Vairo, Giuseppe
Basalt-based frp composites as strengthening of reinforced concrete members: Experimental and theoretical insights 1-gen-2020 Nerilli, F.; Monaldo, E.; Vairo, G.
Basi di dati. 6 edizione. 1-gen-2023 Atzeni, Paolo; Ceri, Stefano; Fraternali, Piero; Paraboschi, Stefano; Torlone, Riccardo
Benchmarking YOLOv5 and YOLOv7 models with DeepSORT for droplet tracking applications 1-gen-2023 Durve, M.; Orsini, S.; Tiribocchi, A.; Montessori, A.; Tucny, J. -M.; Lauricella, M.; Camposeo, A.; Pisignano, D.; Succi, S.
BERT, ELMo, use and infersent sentence encoders: The Panacea for research-paper recommendation? 1-gen-2019 Mohamed Hassan, H. A.; Sansonetti, G.; Gasparetti, F.; Micarelli, A.; Beel, J.
A BERT-Based Approach to Intent Recognition 1-gen-2023 Roma, Federico; Sansonetti, Giuseppe; D'Aniello, Giuseppe; Micarelli, Alessandro
Beyond-5G wireless systems: An opportunity for applied electromagnetics and metamaterials communities 1-gen-2022 Bilotti, F.; Barbuto, M.; Longhi, M.; Marini, A. V.; Monti, A.; Stefanini, L.; Ramaccia, D.; Toscano, A.; Vellucci, S.
Bi-objective bi-level optimization for integrating lane-level closure and reversal in redesigning transportation networks 1-gen-2023 Zhang, Q; Liu, Sq; D'Ariano, A
Bidirectional SSCB for Residential DC Microgrids with Reduced Voltage and Current Stress during Fault Interruption 1-gen-2023 Aditya, P; Banavath, Satish Naik; Lidozzi, Alessandro; Chub, Andrii; Vinnikov, Dmitri
BIM & Road safety – Applications of digitals models from in-built safety evaluations to asset management 1-gen-2023 Sabato, Emidio; D'Amico, Fabrizio; Tripodi, Antonino; Tiberi, Paola
A BIM-Based Approach for Pavement Monitoring Integrating Data from Non-Destructive Testing Methods (NDTs) 1-gen-2023 Bertolini, Luca; D’Amico, Fabrizio; Napolitano, Antonio; Bianchini Ciampoli, Luca; Gagliardi, Valerio; Romer Diezmos Manalo, Jhon
Blockchain for the supply chain of the Italian craft beer sector: tracking and discount coupons 1-gen-2023 Ariemma, L; De Carlo, N; Pennino, D; Pizzonia, M; Vitaletti, A; Zecchini, M
Blockchain Scalability and Security: Communications Among Fast-Changing Committees Made Simple 1-gen-2023 Mariani, A.; Mariani, G.; Pennino, D.; Pizzonia, M.
Blown film extrusion of poly(lactic)acid/poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-4-hydroxybutyrate) blends for improved toughness and processability 1-gen-2023 Koca, N.; Aversa, C.; Barletta, M.
Book embeddings of k-framed graphs and k-map graphs 1-gen-2024 Bekos, Ma; Da Lozzo, G; Griesbach, Sm; Gronemann, M; Montecchiani, F; Raftopoulou, C
Boundary integral formulations for predicting aeroacoustics of deformable bodies with solid or porous surface boundary 1-gen-2023 De Rubeis, B.; Gennaretti, M.; Bernardini, G.; Poggi, C.
Capability accumulation patterns across economic, innovation, and knowledge-production activities 1-gen-2023 Patelli, Aurelio; Napolitano, Lorenzo; Cimini, Giulio; Pugliese, Emanuele; Gabrielli, Andrea
Centre of pressure parameters for the assessment of biomechanical risk in fatiguing frequency-dependent lifting activities 1-gen-2022 D'Anna, C.; Varrecchia, T.; Ranavolo, A.; De Nunzio, A. M.; Falla, D.; Draicchio, F.; Conforto, S.
Characterization of road surface by means of laser scanner technologies 1-gen-2019 De Blasiis, M. R.; Di Benedetto, A.; Fiani, M.; Garozzo, M.
Charge Transport Mechanisms of Black Diamond at Cryogenic Temperatures 1-gen-2022 Orsini, Andrea; Barettin, Daniele; Ercoli, Federica; Rossi, Maria Cristina; Pettinato, Sara; Salvatori, Stefano; Mezzi, Alessio; Polini, Riccardo; Bellucci, Alessandro; Mastellone, Matteo; Girolami, Marco; Valentini, Veronica; Orlando, Stefano; Trucchi, Daniele Maria
Mostrati risultati da 30 a 49 di 447
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