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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A fast adaptive PD-FEM coupling model for predicting cohesive crack growth 1-gen-2023 Alebrahim, R; Marfia, S
Fault tolerance analysis for the 5-level unidirectional T-Rectifier 1-gen-2016 Lidozzi, Alessandro; DI BENEDETTO, Marco; Solero, Luca; Crescimbini, Fabio; Grbovic, Petar J.
Feature selections and optimizable classification learners for detecting failure modes of rectangular reinforced concrete columns 1-gen-2023 Nguyen, V. M.; Phan, H. N.; Paolacci, F.
A Finite-Time Protocol for Distributed Time-Varying Optimization Over a Graph 1-gen-2023 Santilli, M.; Furchi, A.; Oliva, G.; Gasparri, A.
First results on the functional characterization of two rotary comb-drive actuated MEMS microgripper with different geometry 1-gen-2022 Bocchetta, G.; Fiori, G.; Scorza, A.; Belfiore, N. P.; Sciuto, S. A.
First Worldwide Evidence of Bronchopulmonary Strongyle Nematodes and the First Report on Italy of Cryptosporidium sp. in Allochthonous Nutria (Myocastor coypus) 1-gen-2023 De Michelis, Silvia; De Liberato, Claudio; Amoruso, Cristina; Battisti, Corrado; Carosi, Monica
Flexible time-space network formulation and hybrid metaheuristic for conflict-free and energy-efficient path planning of automated guided vehicles 1-gen-2023 Xin, Jb; Wei, Lq; D'Ariano, A; Zhang, Ff; Negenborn, R
Foreword: Safety and preservation of cultural heritage: to do or not to do? 1-gen-2021 de Felice, G
Four blades rotor model aerodynamic characterization and experimental investigation of rotor wake and sling load interaction 1-gen-2018 Nargi, R. E.; De Gregorio, F.; Camussi, R.
Fracture toughness of radiation-damaged zircon studied by nanoindentation pillar-splitting 1-gen-2021 Beirau, T.; Rossi, E.; Sebastiani, M.; Oliver, W. C.; Pollmann, H.; Ewing, R. C.
A Framework for Dynamic Advanced Traveler Information Systems 1-gen-2021 Carrese, Filippo; Carrese, Stefano; Patella, Sergio Maria; Petrelli, Marco; Sportiello, Simone
Frenkel-Poole Mechanism Unveils Black Diamond as Quasi-Epsilon-Near-Zero Surface 1-gen-2023 Orsini, Andrea; Barettin, Daniele; Pettinato, Sara; Salvatori, Stefano; Polini, Riccardo; Rossi, Maria Cristina; Bellucci, Alessandro; Bolli, Eleonora; Girolami, Marco; Mastellone, Matteo; Orlando, Stefano; Serpente, Valerio; Valentini, Veronica; Trucchi, Daniele Maria
A FSI computational framework for vascular physiopathology: A novel flow-tissue multiscale strategy 1-gen-2017 Bianchi, Daniele; Monaldo, Elisabetta; Gizzi, Alessio; Marino, Michele; Filippi, Simonetta; Vairo, Giuseppe
Functionalized metasurfaces enabling frequency and radiation pattern reconfigurability for intelligent antennas 1-gen-2022 Vellucci, S; Monti, A; Barbuto, M; Longhi, M; Toscano, A; Bilotti, F
A Game of Age of Incorrect Information Against an Adversary Injecting False Data 1-gen-2023 Bonagura, Valeria; Panzieri, Stefano; Pascucci, Federica; Badia, Leonardo
Gas spreading detection by means of a terahertz leaky-wave antenna 1-gen-2022 Zhang, D.; Comite, D.; Deng, X.; Zheng, X.; Baccarelli, P.; Burghignoli, P.
A General Evaluation Framework for Adaptive Focused Crawlers 1-gen-2014 Gasparetti, Fabio; Micarelli, Alessandro; Sansonetti, Giuseppe
Geography of science: Competitiveness and inequality 1-gen-2023 Patelli, Aurelio; Napolitano, Lorenzo; Cimini, Giulio; Gabrielli, Andrea
GPR Applications Across Engineering and Geosciences Disciplines in Italy: A Review 1-gen-2016 Benedetto, Andrea; Tosti, Fabio; BIANCHINI CIAMPOLI, Luca; D'Amico, Fabrizio
Gravity currents interacting with slopes and overhangs 1-gen-2023 Maggi, M. R.; Adduce, C.; Lane-Serff, G. F.
Mostrati risultati da 111 a 130 di 355
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