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Integrated Approach to Assess the Energy and Environmental Payback Time of Buildings Refurbishment: A Case Study 1-gen-2022 Asdrubali, Francesco; Tonelli, Chiara; Roncone, Marta; Grazieschi, Gianluca
An Integrated Data-Driven System for Digital Bridge Management 1-gen-2024 Pallante, Luigi; Meriggi, Pietro; D’Amico, Fabrizio; Gagliardi, Valerio; Napolitano, Antonio; Paolacci, Fabrizio; Quinci, Gianluca; Lorello, Mario; de Felice, Gianmarco
Integrated optimization of rolling stock allocation and train timetables for urban rail transit networks: A benders decomposition approach 1-gen-2023 Yin, Jt; Pu, F; Yang, Lx; D'Ariano, A; Wang, Zhouhong
Integrated optimization of train timetable and train unit circulation for a Y-type urban rail transit system with flexible train composition mode 1-gen-2024 Yang, L.; Gao, Y.; D'Ariano, A.; Xu, S.
Integrated rolling stock deadhead routing and timetabling in urban rail transit lines 1-gen-2021 Wang, Dian; D'Ariano, A.; Zhao, J.; Zhong, Q.; Peng, Q.
Integrating train scheduling and delay management in real-time railway traffic control 1-gen-2017 Corman, F.; D'Ariano, A.; Marra, A. D.; Pacciarelli, D.; Samà, M.
Integration of Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Non-Destructive Methods in Transport Infrastructure Monitoring: Advances, Challenges and Perspectives 1-gen-2021 Tosti, F.; Gagliardi, V.; Bianchini Ciampoli, L.; Benedetto, A.; Threader, S.; Alani, A. M.
Intelligence enabled by 2D metastructures in antennas and wireless propagation systems 1-gen-2022 Barbuto, M; Hamzavi-Zarghani, Z; Longhi, M; Marini, Av; Monti, A; Ramaccia, D; Vellucci, S; Toscano, A; Bilotti, F
Inter-mode noise equalization for all-optical hybrid MDM-OFDM systems using subcarrier-group power-loading 1-gen-2023 Kodaman, T.; Cincotti, G.
Intermittency analysis of high-lift airfoil with slat cove fillers 1-gen-2020 Jawahar, H. K.; Meloni, S.; Azarpeyvand, M.; Camussi, R.; da Silva, C. R. I.
Intermittent and stochastic characteristics of slat tones 1-gen-2021 Jawahar, H. K.; Meloni, S.; Camussi, R.; Azarpeyvand, M.
Intermittent statistics and stochastic modelling of low and high Re compressible jets 1-gen-2021 Camussi, R.; Micci, G. L.; Meloni, S.; Bogey, C.
Intermittent statistics of the 0-mode pressure fluctuations in the near field of Mach 0.9 circular jets at low and high Reynolds numbers 1-gen-2021 Camussi, R.; Bogey, C.
Interpretation of the push and pull tracer test data in heterogeneous aquifers 1-gen-2023 Zarlenga, Antonio; Maggi, Maria Rita
irs-partition: An Intrusion Response System utilizing Deep Q-Networks and system partitions 1-gen-2022 Cardellini, Valeria; Casalicchio, Emiliano; Iannucci, Stefano; Lucantonio, Matteo; Mittal, Sudip; Panigrahi, Damodar; Silvi, Andrea
iWarded: A Versatile Generator to Benchmark Warded Datalog plus /- Reasoning 1-gen-2022 Atzeni, P; Baldazzi, T; Bellomarini, L; Sallinger, E
Jet noise sources for chevron nozzles in under-expanded condition 1-gen-2022 Jawahar, H. K.; Meloni, S.; Camussi, R.
Jet-flat plate interaction: Wall pressure coherence modeling 1-gen-2020 Meloni, S.; Camussi, R.; Di Marco, A.; Fava, G.
Joint rolling stock rotation planning and depot deadhead scheduling in complicated urban rail transit lines 1-gen-2023 Wang, D.; D'Ariano, A.; Zhao, J.; Zhan, S.; Peng, Q.
Just two moments! A cautionary note against use of high-order moments in multifractal models in hydrology 1-gen-2014 Lombardo, Federico; Volpi, Elena; Koutsoyiannis, D; Papalexiou, Sm
Mostrati risultati da 199 a 218 di 449
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