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H-1 NMR relaxometric characterization of bovine lactoferrin RID A-7100-2008 RID A-4573-2009 1-gen-2004 Fasano, M; Fanali, G; Polticelli, Fabio; Ascenzi, P; Antonini, Giovanni
H-NS regulation of virulence gene expression in enteroinvasive Escherichia coli harboring the virulence plasmid integrated into the host chromosome 1-gen-1995 Colonna, B.; Casalino, Maria Assunta; P. A., Fradiani; C., Zagaglia; S., Naitza; Leoni, Livia; G., Prosseda; A., Coppo; P. GHELARDINI AND M., Nicoletti
H-NS REGULATION OF VIRULENCE GENE-EXPRESSION IN ENTEROINVASIVE ESCHERICHIA-COLI HARBORING THE VIRULENCE PLASMID INTEGRATED INTO THE HOST CHROMOSOME 1-gen-1995 Colonna, Bianca; Casalino, Mariassunta; Fradiani, Piera Assunta; Zagaglia, Carlo; Naitza, Silvia; Leoni, Livia; Prosseda, Gianni; Coppo, Annamaria; Ghelardini, Patrizia; Nicoletti, Mauro
H2O and CO2 in minerals of the hauyine-sodalite group: an FTIR spectroscopic study 1-gen-2009 Bellatreccia, Fabio; DELLA VENTURA, Giancarlo; Piccinini, M; Cavallo, A; Brilli, M.
H2O surface interaction of oxygen-free polyphenylacetylene films investigated by XPS 1-gen-1992 Polzonetti, Giovanni; Russo, M. V.
H2O2 production in maize mesocotyl segments elicited by GTP-γ-S and cantharidin is inhibited by N-isoprenylagmatine, a powerful and specific polyamine oxidase inhibtor 1-gen-2002 Cona, Alessandra; Federico, R; Botta, M; Angelini, R.
H2S gas interaction with Pt(II)-containing polymetallaynes of selected chain length: An XPS and EXAFS study 1-gen-2008 Battocchio, Chiara; I., Fratoddi; M. V., Russo; G., Polzonetti
H2S: a "double face" molecule in health and disease. 1-gen-2013 DI MASI, Alessandra; Ascenzi, Paolo
H<sub>2</sub>O and CO<sub>2</sub> in minerals of the haüyne-sodalite group: an FTIR spectroscopy study 1-gen-2009 Bellatreccia, Fabio; DELLA VENTURA, Giancarlo; Piccinini, M; Cavallo, A; Brilli, M.
Habitat change and alteration of plant and invertebrate communities in waterbodies dominated by the invasive alien macrophyte Lemna minuta Kunth 1-gen-2020 Ceschin, S.; Ferrante, G.; Mariani, F.; Traversetti, L.; Ellwood, N. T. W.
Habitat complexity and its use correlate with soil-transmitted Helmiantiasis in two social groups of Macaca maura (H.R. Schinz 1825), Endangered Primates Primates Endemic to Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. 1-gen-2017 Albani, A; Cutini, M; Wahid, I; DE LIBERATO, C; Germani, L; Ngakan, P. O.; Carosi, M
Habitat conservation in Italy: the state of the art in the light of the first European Red List of Terrestrial and Freshwater Habitats 1-gen-2018 Gigante, D.; Acosta, A. T. R.; Agrillo, E.; Armiraglio, S.; Assini, S.; Attorre, F.; Bagella, S.; Buffa, G.; Casella, L.; Giancola, C.; Giusso del Galdo, G. P.; Marcenò, C.; Pezzi, G.; Prisco, Irene; Venanzoni, R.; Viciani, D.
Habitat fragmentation sensitivity in mammals: a target selection for landscape planning comparing two different approaches (bibliographic review and expert-based). 1-gen-2012 Spinozzi, F.; Battisti, C.; Bologna, Marco Alberto
Habitat Fragmentation, Connectivity Conservation and Related Key-Concepts: Temporal Trends in Their Recurrences on Web of Science (1960–2020) 1-gen-2022 Battisti, Corrado; Gallitelli, Luca; Scalici, Massimiliano; Angelici, Francesco M.
Habitat of an endangered saproxylic beetle, Osmoderma eremita, in Mediterranean woodlands 1-gen-2012 Chiari, S; Carpaneto, Giuseppe; Zauli, Agnese; Marini, L; Audisio, P; Ranius, T.
Habitat selection by invasive alien plants: a bootstrap approach 1-gen-2011 CARRANZA M., L; Ricotta, C; Carboni, M; Acosta, ALICIA TERESA ROSARIO; Carboni, Marta
Habitat selection in three Italian endemic cyprinids 1-gen-2016 D'Amen, Manuela; Bombi, Pierluigi; Traversetti, Lorenzo; Scalici, Massimiliano
Habitat selection in three Italian endemic cyprinids 1-gen-2017 D’Amen, M.; Bombi, P.; Traversetti, L.; Scalici, M.
Habitat selection of Anurans in small ponds around the Victoria Lake, Kenya 1-gen-2006 Pau, F.; Vignoli, Leonardo; Carpaneto, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 4.428 a 4.447 di 11.424
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