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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Understanding and Treating Niemann-Pick Type C Disease: Models Matter 1-gen-2020 Pallottini, Valentina; Pfrieger, Frank W
Understanding caldera structure and development: an overview of analogue models compared to natural calderas 1-gen-2007 Acocella, Valerio
Understanding fluctuating magmatic and phreatomagmatic explosive activity in a large late Pleistocene basaltic maar: The Tower Hill Volcanic Complex, Newer Volcanics Province, southeastern Australia 1-gen-2004 Cas, R. A. F.; Lim, S. L.; Edney, W.; Giordano, Guido; Esposito, A.; DE RITA, Donatella
Understanding population structure and dynamics in threatened crayfish 1-gen-2008 Scalici, Massimiliano; Belluscio, A; Gibertini, G.
Understanding shallow magma emplacement at volcanoes: orthogonal feeder dikes during the 2002-2003 Stromboli (Italy) eruption 1-gen-2006 Acocella, Valerio; Neri, M; Scarlato, P.
Understanding stress and deformation in active volcanoes 1-gen-2009 Gudmundsson, A; Acocella, Valerio; Vinciguerra, S.
Understanding the biomimetic properties of Gallium in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a XAS and XPS study 1-gen-2017 Porcaro, Francesco; Bonchi, Carlo; Ugolini, Andrea; Frangipani, Emanuela; Polzonetti, Giovanni; Visca, Paolo; Meneghini, Carlo; Battocchio, Chiara
Understanding the etiology of rosy discoloration on ancient wall paintings: a molecular approach. 1-gen-2008 Imperi, Francesco; Caneva, Giulia; Cancellieri, Laura; Ricci, Maria Antonietta; Sodo, Armida; Visca, Paolo
Understanding the link between circumferential dikes and eruptive fissures around calderas based on numerical and analog models 1-gen-2016 Corbi, Fabio; Rivalta, Eleonora; Pinel, Virginie; Maccaferri, Francesco; Acocella, Valerio
Understanding the mechanisms driving large-scale basic Plinian eruptions from textural and rheological studies on the Pozzolane Nere eruption (Colli Albani, Italy) 1-gen-2014 Campagnola, S; Romano, Claudia; Giordano, Guido; Vona, Alessandro
Understanding the origin of magmatic necks: insights from Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) and analogue models 1-gen-2019 Fittipaldi, M.; Urbani, S.; Neri, M.; Trippanera, D.; Acocella, V.
Understanding the peculiar HT behavior of riebeckite: espansivity, deprotonation, Fe-oxidation and a novel cation disorder scheme 1-gen-2018 Oberti, R.; Boiocchi, M.; Zema, M.; Hawthorne, F. C.; Redhammer, G. J.; Susta, U.; Della Ventura, G.
Understanding uranium behaviour in a natural rock–water system: leaching and adsorption tests on the Tufo Rosso a Scorie Nere ignimbrite (Viterbo area, central Italy) 1-gen-2017 Briganti, A.; Armiento, G.; Nardi, E.; Proposito, M.; Tuccimei, P.
Understory functional response to different management strategies in Mediterranean beech forests (central Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2017 Scolastri, Andrea; Bricca, Alessandro; Cancellieri, Laura; Cutini, Maurizio
Underwater gliders: Mission profiles and utilisation strategies in the Mediterranean Sea 1-gen-2020 Petritoli, E.; Leccese, F.; Cagnetti, M.
Underwater optical wireless communications: Overview 1-gen-2020 Spagnolo, G. S.; Cozzella, L.; Leccese, F.
An Unexpected Consequence of Plastic Litter Clean-Up on Beaches: Too Much Sand Might Be Removed 1-gen-2017 Battisti, Corrado; Poeta, Gianluca; Pietrelli, Loris; Acosta, Alicia T. R.
Unexpected Impact of a Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitor on 17beta-Estradiol Signaling in Breast Cancer 1-gen-2020 Bartoloni, Stefania; Leone, Stefano; Acconcia, Filippo
Unexpectedly high Plasmodium sporozoite rate associated with low human blood index in Anopheles coluzzii from a LLIN-protected village in Burkina Faso 1-gen-2018 Pombi, M.; Calzetta, M.; Guelbeogo, W. M.; Manica, M.; Perugini, E.; Pichler, V.; Mancini, E.; Sagnon, N.; Ranson, H.; della Torre, A.
Unexpectedly Large Electron Correlation Measured in Auger Spectra of Ferromagnetic Iron Thin Films: Orbital-Selected Coulomb and Exchange Contributions 1-gen-2020 Gotter, R.; Verna, A.; Sbroscia, M.; Moroni, R.; Bisio, F.; Iacobucci, S.; Offi, F.; Vaidya, S.  R.; Ruocco, A.; Stefani, G.
Mostrati risultati da 11.045 a 11.064 di 11.564
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