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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
CRYSTALLINE PROPERTIES AND COLOR-CENTERS IN ALKALI-HALIDE THIN-FILMS 1-gen-1992 Ferri, M; Scacco, A; Somma, Fabrizia; Montereali, Rm; Martelli, S; Petrocco, G; Docarmo, Lcs
Effects of F2 color center spatial distribution on the emission properties of optical microcavities based on LiF films 1-gen-2003 F., Bonfigli; B., Jacquier; F., Menchini; R. M., Montereali; P., Moretti; E., Nichelatti; M., Piccinini; H., Rigneault; Somma, Fabrizia
F-AGGREGATE CENTERS IN KCL FILMS 1-gen-1994 Ercoli, A; Scacco, A; Somma, Fabrizia; Cremona, M; Montereali, Rm; Martelli, S; Petrocco, G; Scopa, L; Nunes, Ra; Docarmo, Lcs
Free and localised exciton of ternary nanocrystals in CsX-PbX2 thin films (X = Cl, Br, I) 1-gen-2001 Somma, Fabrizia; Aloe, P; Lo Mastro, S; Giampaolo, C; Nikl, M; Nitsch, K; Fabeni, P; Pazzi, Gp
Mechanical properties of nanostructured carbon layers grown by CVD and PLD techniques 1-gen-2010 Mangione, A.; Lanzara, G.; Torrisi, L.; Caridi, F.
NaF films: Growth properties and electron beam induced defects 1-gen-1995 Cremona, M; Sotero, Ap; Nunes, Ra; Mauricio, Mhd; Docarmo, Lcs; Montereali, Rm; Martelli, S; Somma, Fabrizia
Near-Field Optical Spectroscopy of Color Center Stripes Written in LiF by Electron Lithography 1-gen-2002 S., Tascu; R. J., Reeves; B., Jacquier; P., Moretti; R. M., Montereali; M., Piccinini; F., Menchini; Somma, Fabrizia; C., Seassal
OFF-AXIS CONFIGURATION OF FA(II) CENTERS IN ALKALI-HALIDES 1-gen-1991 Dematteis, F; Rossi, M; Scacco, A; Somma, Fabrizia; Baldacchini, G; Cremona, M; Grassano, Um
Optical investigation of metallic colloids in ion-irradiated lithium fluoride (LiF) crystals 1-gen-2003 Mussi, V; Cricenti, A; Jacquier, B; Marolo, T; Montereali, Rm; Moretti, P; Nichelatti, E; Somma, Fabrizia
Optical properties of Pb2+-based aggregated phases in CsBr thin film and single crystal matrices 1-gen-1999 Nikl, M; Nitsch, K; Mihokova, E; Polak, K; Fabeni, P; Pazzi, Gp; Gurioli, M; Phani, R; Santucci, S; Scacco, A; Somma, Fabrizia
Sputtering and coloration process in LiF thin layers induced by MeV ion bombardment 1-gen-1999 Cremona, M; Pereira, Jam; Mauricio, Mhp; Do Carmo, Lcs; Somma, Fabrizia
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 12 di 12
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