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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Elastic field perturbation by an elliptic inhomogeneity with a sliding interface. 1-gen-1991 Stagni, Luigi
An explicit solution for the dynamics of a taut string of finite length carrying a traveling mass: the subsonic case 1-gen-2016 Bersani, Alberto Maria; Della Corte, Alessandro; Piccardo, Giuseppe; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
Groundstates of the Choquard equations with a sign-changing self-interaction potential 1-gen-2018 Battaglia, Luca; Van Schaftingen, Jean
Hencky-type discrete model for pantographic structures: numerical comparison with second gradient continuum models 1-gen-2016 Turco, Emilio; Dell’Isola, Francesco; Cazzani, Antonio; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
KAM stability for a three-body problem of the Solar system 1-gen-2005 Celletti, A.; Chierchia, Luigi
Line Singularity inside an Elliptic Inhomogeneity 1-gen-1995 Stagni, Luigi
Non-standard coupled extensional and bending bias tests for planar pantographic lattices. Part I: numerical simulations 1-gen-2016 Turco, E.; Barcz, K.; Pawlikowski, M.; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
Non-standard coupled extensional and bending bias tests for planar pantographic lattices. Part II: comparison with experimental evidence 1-gen-2016 Turco, Emilio; Barcz, Katarzyna; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
On a result by J.N. Mather concerning invariant sets for area-preserving twist maps 1-gen-1991 Chierchia, Luigi
On the elastic field perturbation by inhomogeneities in plane elasticity. 1-gen-1982 Stagni, Luigi
On the zeros of generalized Airy functions 1-gen-1991 Laforgia, Andrea Ivo Antonio; Elbert, A.
A review on 2D models for the description of pantographic fabrics 1-gen-2016 Placidi, Luca; Barchiesi, Emilio; Turco, Emilio; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
A second gradient formulation for a 2D fabric sheet with inextensible fibres 1-gen-2016 Placidi, Luca; Greco, Leopoldo; Bucci, Sara; Turco, Emilio; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
The effect of the interface on the interaction of an interior edge dislocation with an elliptical inhomogeneity 1-gen-1999 Stagni, Luigi
The lamellar inclusion problem in plane elasticity 1-gen-1986 Stagni, Luigi; Lizzio, R.
A thermodynamically consistent model of magneto-elastic materials under diffusion at large strains and its analysis 1-gen-2018 Roubicek, Tomas; Tomassetti, Giuseppe
Thermomechanics of damageable materials under diffusion: modelling and analysis 1-gen-2015 Roubicek, T; Tomassetti, G
Three-dimensional instabilities of pantographic sheets with parabolic lattices: numerical investigations 1-gen-2016 Scerrato, Daria; Giorgio, Ivan; Rizzi, Nicola Luigi
Mostrati risultati da 3 a 20 di 20
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