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From Savior to Guarantor: The EU Member States’ Economic Intervention during the Financial Crisis In corso di stampa Mottura, Carlo Domenico; Bassan, Fabio
From Saviour to Guarantor. EU Member States' Economic Intervention During the Financial Crisis 1-gen-2015 Bassan, Fabio; Mottura, Carlo Domenico
From Schema and Model Translation to a Model Management System 1-gen-2008 Atzeni, Paolo; Bellomarini, L; Bugiotti, F; Gianforme, G.
From Secular Spaces to Religious Places: The Case of the Romanian Orthodox Place of Worship of Lunghezza (Rome, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Cozma, I; Federici, A; Giorda, Mc; Omenetto, S
From Signs to Designs. Environmental Process and Reform in Early Renaissance Rome (di C. Burroughs) 1-gen-1993 Gargano, Maurizio
From structural topology to chemical composition. XXIX. Revision of the crystal structure of perraultite, NaBaMn4Ti2(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2F, a seidozerite-supergroup TS-block mineral from the Oktyabr’skii Massif, Ukraine, and discreditation of surkhobite 1-gen-2021 Sokolova, E.; Day, M.; Hawthorne, F. C.; Agakhanov, A.; Camara, F.; Uvarova, Y. A.; Della Ventura, G
From structural topology to chemical composition. XXVI. Revision of the crystal chemistry of the perraultite-type minerals of the seidozerite supergroup: jinshajiangite, bobshannonite and surkhobite 1-gen-2020 Sokolova, E.; Hawthorne, F. C.; Camara, F.; Della Ventura, G.; Uvarova, Y. A.
From structure- to erosion-controlled subsiding calderas: evidence thresholds and mechanics 1-gen-2012 Geshi, N; Acocella, Valerio; Ruch, J.
From Student Modeling to User Modeling 1-gen-1994 Errico, B; Micarelli, Alessandro
From Stylization to Parody: The Paradigm of Holy Foolishness (iurodstvo) in Contemporary Russian Performance Art 1-gen-2011 Piccolo, Laura
From su(2) Gaudin Models to Integrable Tops 1-gen-2007 Petrera, M; Ragnisco, Orlando
From subduction to collision: controll of deep processes on the dynamic of convergent boundary 1-gen-2003 V., Regard; Faccenna, Claudio; C., Martinod; J., Bellier; O., Thomas; J., C.
From subordination to autonomy: public debt policies and the formation of a self-ruled financial market in Southern Italy in the long run (1550-1850) 1-gen-2008 Sabatini, Gaetano
From survey to project: the case of study of Ex-Mattatoio in Rome 1-gen-2011 Farroni, Laura; Canciani, Marco
From sustainable value to shareholder value: The impact of sustainable governance and anti‐corruption programs on market valuation 1-gen-2022 Cardoni, Andrea; Kiseleva, Evgeniia; Arduini, Simona; Terzani, Simone
From the anonymous skulls to the collective trance. Ritual representation in the Neapolitan underclass 1-gen-2019 DE MATTEIS, Stefano
From the Anthropocene to the Machinocene? 1-gen-2020 De Caro, M
From the BCFN’s Double Pyramid to Virtual Water in the Production of Pasta Barilla 1-gen-2015 Pratesi, Carlo Alberto; Ruini, L.; Campra, L; Principato, L.; Marino, M.; Pignatelli, S.; Principato, Ludovica
From the BCFN’s Double Pyramid to virtual water in the production of pasta Barilla 1-gen-2015 Ruini, Luca; Pratesi, Carlo Alberto; Principato, Ludovica; Marino, Massimo; Pignatelli, Sonia
"From the dreams of a generation to the theory of dreams: Freud's Roman dreams" 1-gen-2011 Meghnagi, David
Mostrati risultati da 37.020 a 37.039 di 114.472
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