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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Validation Method for a Multimodal Freight Transport Model Exploiting Floating Car Data 1-gen-2022 Ballarano, D; Petrelli, M; Renna, A
A variable neighbourhood search for fast train scheduling and routing during disturbed railway traffic situations 1-gen-2017 Sama', Marcella; D'Ariano, Andrea; Pacciarelli, Dario; Corman, Francesco
The vehicle routing problem with underground logistics: Formulation and algorithm 1-gen-2023 Mo, Pl; Yao, Y; D'Ariano, A; Liu, Zy
Visual Explanations of Deep Convolutional Neural Network for eye blinks detection in EEG-based BCI applications 1-gen-2022 Lo Giudice, M.; Mammone, N.; Ieracitano, C.; Campolo, M.; Bruna, A. R.; Tomaselli, V.; Morabito, F. C.
Vitamin B12 Deficiency and the Nervous System: Beyond Metabolic Decompensation—Comparing Biological Models and Gaining New Insights into Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms 1-gen-2024 Mathew, A. R.; Di Matteo, G.; La Rosa, P.; Barbati, S. A.; Mannina, L.; Moreno, S.; Tata, A. M.; Cavallucci, V.; Fidaleo, M.
Vortex circular airy beams through leaky-wave antennas 1-gen-2024 Benedetti, A.; Comite, D.; Fuscaldo, W.; Baccarelli, P.; Galli, A.; Burghignoli, P.
Vortex-Ring State on a descending VTOL aircraft: aerodynamic model and Avoidance System 1-gen-2024 Bandini, Veronica; Tercio Lima Pereira, L.; Pavel, Marilena D.; Serafini, Jacopo
Vulnerability Assessment and Optimization of Urban Rail Systems Against Extreme Perturbations: An MIP-Based Approach 1-gen-2023 Liu, Zehai; Yin, Jiateng; D'Ariano, Andrea; Tang, Tao
Wave characteristics estimation by GPS receivers installed on a sailboat travelling off-shore 1-gen-2018 Girolamo, P. D.; Crespi, M.; Romano, A.; Mazzoni, A.; Risio, M. D.; Pasquali, D.; Bellotti, G.; Castellino, M.; Sammarco, P.
Wave forces on vertical caissons with retreated wall: A first experimental insight 1-gen-2023 Romano, A.; Bellotti, G.
Wave loading for recurved parapet walls in non-breaking wave conditions: Analysis of the induced impulsive forces 1-gen-2018 Castellino, M.; Lara, J. L.; Romano, A.; Losada, I. J.; de Girolamo, P.
Wave overtopping at near-vertical seawalls: Influence of foreshore evolution during storms 1-gen-2022 Briganti, R; Musumeci, Re; van der Meer, J; Romano, A; Stancanelli, Lm; Kudella, M; Akbar, R; Mukhdiar, R; Altomare, C; Suzuki, T; De Girolamo, P; Besio, G; Dodd, N; Zhu, Ff; Schimmels, S
Wave overtopping at rubble mound breakwaters: A new method to estimate roughness factor for rock armours under non-breaking waves 1-gen-2022 Pepi, Y; Romano, A; Franco, L
Wave overtopping prediction for sloping coastal structures with overspill basin at crest 1-gen-2016 Grossi, A.; Kortenhaus, A.; Romano, A.; Franco, L
Wave overtopping with a changing steep sandy foreshore, conventional and numerical analysis of results 1-gen-2018 van der Meer, J.; Akbar, R.; Mukhdiar, R.; Briganti, R.; Musumeci, R. E.; Romano, A.; Suzuki, T.; Altomare, C.
Wave-induced cross-shore distribution of different densities, shapes, and sizes of plastic debris in coastal environments: A laboratory experiment 1-gen-2023 Núñez, Paula; Romano, Alessandro; García-Alba, Javier; Besio, Giovanni; Medina, Raúl
Wavelet-based Music Recommendation 1-gen-2012 Gasparetti, Fabio; Biancalana, Claudio; Micarelli, Alessandro; Miola, Alfonso; Sansonetti, Giuseppe
A wavelet-based separation method for tonal and broadband components of low Reynolds-number propeller noise 1-gen-2023 Meloni, S; de Paola, E; Grande, E; Ragni, D; Stoica, Lg; Di Marco, A; Camussi, R
Wavenumber-frequency analysis of landslide-generated tsunamis at a conical island. Part II: EOF and modal analysis 1-gen-2017 Bellotti, Giorgio; Romano, Alessandro
Wavenumber–frequency analysis of the landslide-generated tsunamis at a conical island 1-gen-2013 Romano, Alessandro; Bellotti, Giorgio; DI RISIO, M.
Mostrati risultati da 708 a 727 di 731
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