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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Wars of attrition in government coalitions and fiscal performance: a test on Italian 1948-1994 data 1-gen-2001 Padovano, Fabio; Venturi, L.
Wars of the Worlds: between Fiction and Fictoid 1-gen-2004 Esposito, Lucia
La Wartburg 1-gen-2009 Nobiloni, Agnese
Was können Kontrastive Linguistik und Sprachmittlung im Fremdsprachenunterricht leisten? Sprachwissenschaftliche und sprachpraktische Überlegungen zur DaF-Didaktik an italienischen Universitäten. 1-gen-2012 Nied, MARTINA LUCIA
Was Rome still a Centre of Legal Culture between the 6th and 8th Centuries? Chasing the Manuscripts 1-gen-2015 Loschiavo, Luca
«Was sagst du zu diesem Traum?». L’abisso e il pugnale in “Judith” di Friedrich Hebbel 1-gen-2014 Fiandra, Emilia
Was the East india Company a "democratic" organization? Majority principle and power relations in 17th century England 1-gen-2020 Gialdroni, Stefania
Was there language outside Homo sapiens? A cognitive perspective 1-gen-2013 Ferretti, Francesco
"Washington Irving: da e oltre le Colonne d'Ercole" 1-gen-1982 Giorcelli, Maria Cristina
"Washington Irving: i giardini dell'Alhambra" 1-gen-2004 Giorcelli, Maria Cristina
Wasserarchäologie nach der Zivilisation. Zukunftsdystopie und Science Fiction in Heinrich Bölls Erstlingsdrama «Ein Schluck Erde» 1-gen-2018 Fiandra, E
Waste generation, Wealth and GHG emissions from the waste sector: Is Denmark on the path towards Circular Economy? 1-gen-2021 Magazzino, C.; Mele, M.; Schneider, N.; Sarkodie, S. A.
“Waste management and blockchain in the Public Administration: preliminary results from a systematic literature review” 1-gen-2022 Faggioni, F.; Marinsanti Rwakihembo, G. D.; Rossi, M. V.
Waste Management and Environmental Impact: A Case Study of Pharmaceutical Industry 1-gen-2014 Lucchetti, Maria Claudia; Agar, A; Arcese, Gabriella
Waste Recovery in Steelmaking Sector: An EU Overview, State of Art and Literature Review, 1-gen-2016 Notarnicola, B.; Lucchetti, Maria Claudia; Tassielli, G.; Renzulli, A. P.; Arcese, Gabriella; CAPUA R, DI .
Waste-to-Energy Plant for Paper Industry Sludges Disposal: Technical-Economic Study 1-gen-2001 Caputo, Antonio Casimiro; Pelagagge, P. M.
Wasteland rehabilitation in rural landscape: a design project in the Verona plain 1-gen-2018 Bortolotti, Andrea; Ranzato, Marco
Watching the world about them rock and sway. Hidden upheavals in Hisaye Yamamoto’s short stories 1-gen-2021 Becce, Nicolangelo
Water above its boiling point: Study of the temperature and density dependence of the partial pair correlation functions. I. Neutron diffraction experiment 1-gen-1994 Postorino, P.; Ricci, Maria Antonietta; Soper, A. K.
Water and Trehalose: Flow Much Do They Interact with Each Other? 1-gen-2010 Pagnotta, Se; Mclain, Se; Soper, Ak; Bruni, Fabio; Ricci, Maria Antonietta
Mostrati risultati da 107.655 a 107.674 di 108.902
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