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Wideband Surface Impedance Measurements in Superconducting Films, file e397d80b-cdf4-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 16
Impact of Superconductors’ Properties on the Measurement Sensitivity of Resonant-Based Axion Detectors, file e397d80e-b74f-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 14
Microwave measurements to assess the properties of superconducting materials for applications., file e397d80b-105e-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 4
Design of a bitonal dielectric resonator for the measurement of anisotropic surface impedance, file e397d80b-2a3e-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 4
Resonant Measurements: Uncertainty on Zs in Absence of Line Calibration, file e397d80d-7df2-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 4
Misure a microonde su conduttori anisotropi mediante risonatori caricati a dielettrico, file e397d80b-263b-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 3
Anisotropy and directional pinning in YBa2Cu3O7−x with BaZrO3 nanorods, file e397d80b-345e-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 3
La Tecnica Del Disco Di Corbino - Rimozione Dei Contributi Della Linea Di Trasmissione Per Misure In Ambiente Criogenico, file e397d80b-5b82-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 3
Study of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonators for Measurements of the Surface Resistance of High Conducting Materials, file e397d80c-8329-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 3
Measurements of Surface Impedance in MgB2 in DC Magnetic Fields: Insights in Flux-Flow Resistivity, file 84ab9a54-f28d-4a66-a8d9-0a9e25a1024c 2
Q-factor of microwave resonators: calibrated vs. uncalibrated measurements, file a6d2ccd1-5416-4d35-8411-58d81f0c7d63 2
Transport properties of Nb/PdNi/Nb trilayers at microwave frequencies, file e397d80b-1959-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Microwave Properties of Nb/PdNi/Nb Trilayers, file e397d80b-3cad-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Design and test of a microwave resonator for the measurement of resistivity anisotropy, file e397d80b-5899-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
A rectangular dielectric resonator for measurements of the anisotropic microwave properties in planar conductors, file e397d80b-ad51-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Multifunctional Hollow Dielectric Resonator Design for Conductivity/Permittivity Measurements of Bulk Samples, file e397d80c-849c-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Extraction of the complex resistivity and pinning parameters from microwave surface impedance measurements of coated conductors, file e397d80c-9be8-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Critical Current and Vortex Pinning Properties in YBa2Cu3O7-x Films with Ba2YTaO6+Ba2YNbO6 and BaZrO3 Nano-inclusions by dc Transport and Microwave Measurements, file e397d80c-a6a2-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
In-situ calibration procedure of dielectric loaded resonators based on round robin technique, file e397d80d-7df3-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Microwave measurements of the high magnetic field vortex motion pinning parameters in Nb3Sn, file e397d80e-7519-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 2
Optimization of Q-factor and resonance frequency measurements in partially calibrated resonant systems, file 082e8d08-fd3d-472c-ad80-774430d20b36 1
Proposal: Apparatus for Sensing the Effect of Surface Roughness on the Surface Resistance of Metals, file 453f78a1-4b93-4d58-809f-0b5b340c13cd 1
Design and Test of a New Dielectric-Loaded Resonator for the Accurate Characterization of Conductive and Dielectric Materials, file c6a039be-c0e5-4d96-8036-36647d66ea96 1
Microwave properties of Nb/PdNi/Nb trilayers. Observation of flux flow in excess of Bardeen-Stephen theory, file e397d80b-1464-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Superfluid Density and Vortex Dynamics in S/F/S Heterostructures, file e397d80b-227d-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Directional pinning and anisotropy in YBa2Cu3O7-x with BaZrO3 nanorods: intrinsic and nanorods-induced anisotropy, file e397d80b-28eb-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Superconducting and Structural Properties of Nb/PdNi/Nb Trilayers, file e397d80b-47fc-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Misura Dell’Impedenza Superficiale Di Superconduttori Mediante Risonatori Caricati A Dielettrico, file e397d80b-484d-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
null, file e397d80b-50df-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Microwave properties of Nb/PdNi/Nb trilayers. Observation of flux flow in excess of Bardeen-Stephen theory, file e397d80b-583a-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Robustness of the 0−π transition against compositional and structural ageing in superconductor/ferromagnetic/superconductor heterostructures, file e397d80b-589b-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Thermodynamic nature of the 0 − π quantum transition in superconductor/ ferromagnet/ superconductor trilayers, file e397d80b-a984-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Growth and Characterization of La2Zr2O7 Buffer Layers Deposited by Chemical Solution Deposition (Superconductivity Centennial Conference), file e397d80b-ac55-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Hemicylindrical Cavity as a Probe for Surface Impedance, file e397d80b-cdfb-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Analysis of Transport Properties of MOD YBCO Films With BaZrO3 as Artificial Vortex Pinning Centers, file e397d80b-d2f7-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Surface impedance measurements in thin conducting films: Substrate and finite-thickness-induced uncertainties, file e397d80c-8d8c-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Measurements of Q factor in microwave resonators: relevance of calibration, file e397d80c-f58a-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Microwave measurements with dielectric resonators: advantages of the round robin rotation method, file e397d80c-f58c-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Fitting resonance curves of nonideal microwave resonators, file e397d80c-f8b8-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Microwave characterization of 3D-printer materials, file e397d80d-7dee-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Challenging microwave resonant measurement techniques for conducting material characterization, file e397d80d-80d4-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Vortex Pinning and Flux Flow Microwave Studies of Coated Conductors, file e397d80d-85e2-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Physics of vortex motion by means of microwave surface impedance measurements (Review article), file e397d80d-d0f4-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Intrinsic anisotropy and pinning anisotropy in nanostructured YBa2Cu3O7-δ from microwave measurements, file e397d80d-f8d4-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Estimation of microwave resonant measurements uncertainty from uncalibrated data, file e397d80d-f9dc-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Pinning, flux flow resistivity and anisotropy of Fe(Se,Te) thin films from microwave measurements through a bitonal dielectric resonator, file e397d80e-6acf-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Surface impedance measurements in superconductors in dc magnetic fields: Challenges and relevance to particle physics experiments, file e397d80e-c985-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
Surface Impedance of Nb3Sn and YBa2Cu3O7−δ in High Magnetic Fields, file e397d80e-d563-b0de-e053-6605fe0a1c76 1
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