""A search for pair-produced scalar particles decaying to a four-jet final state is presented. The analysis is performed using an integrated luminosity of 34 pb(-1) recorded by the ATLAS detector in 2010. No deviation from the Standard Model is observed. For a scalar mass of 100 GeV (190 GeV) the limit on the scalar gluon pair production cross section at 95% confidence level is 1 nb (0.28 nb). When these results are interpreted as mass limits, scalar-gluons (hyperpions) with masses of 100 to 185 GeV (100 to 155 GeV) are excluded at 95% confidence level with the exception of a mass window of width about 5 GeV (15 GeV) around 140 GeV. RI Gutierrez, Phillip\\\/C-1161-2011; Ferrando, James\\\/A-9192-2012; collins-tooth, christopher\\\/A-9201-2012; Perrino, Roberto\\\/B-4633-2010; Laurelli, Paolo\\\/B-1432-2012; De Cecco, Sandro\\\/B-1016-2012; Stoicea, Gabriel\\\/B-6717-2011; branchini, paolo\\\/A-4857-2011; Wolter, Marcin\\\/A-7412-2012; Rotaru, Marina\\\/A-3097-2011; O'Shea, Val\\\/G-1279-2010; Doyle, Anthony\\\/C-5889-2009; valente, paolo\\\/A-6640-2010; Buttar, Craig\\\/D-3706-2011; Takai, Helio\\\/C-3301-2012; St.Denis, Richard\\\/C-8997-2012; Jones, Roger\\\/H-5578-2011; Britton, David\\\/F-2602-2010; Pina, Joao \\\/C-4391-2012; Li, Xuefei\\\/C-3861-2012; Fazio, Salvatore \\\/G-5156-2010; Smirnova, Lidia\\\/D-8089-2012; Smirnov, Sergei\\\/F-1014-2011; Gladilin, Leonid\\\/B-5226-2011; Barreiro, Fernando\\\/D-9808-2012; Kramarenko, Victor\\\/E-1781-2012; Prokoshin, Fedor\\\/E-2795-2012; Alexa, Calin\\\/F-6345-2010; Pacheco Pages, Andres\\\/C-5353-2011; Moorhead, Gareth\\\/B-6634-2009; Livan, Michele\\\/D-7531-2012; Petrucci, Fabrizio\\\/G-8348-2012; Wemans, Andre\\\/A-6738-2012; Fabbri, Laura\\\/H-3442-2012; Kurashige, Hisaya\\\/H-4916-2012; Villa, Mauro\\\/C-9883-2009; Delmastro, Marco\\\/I-5599-2012""

Aad, G., Abbott, B., Abdallah, J., Abdelalim, A.a., Abdesselam, A., Abdinov, O., et al. (2011). Search for massive colored scalars in four-jet final states in root s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detector. THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. C, PARTICLES AND FIELDS, 71(12) [10.1140/epjc/s10052-011-1828-6].

Search for massive colored scalars in four-jet final states in root s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detector

CERADINI, Filippo;DI MICCO, Biagio;Orestano D;