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NA - Nord America 8604
EU - Europa 5356
AS - Asia 2400
OC - Oceania 11
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
AF - Africa 3
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 8589
CN - Cina 2190
GB - Regno Unito 1885
DK - Danimarca 889
UA - Ucraina 591
DE - Germania 538
SE - Svezia 498
IT - Italia 229
RU - Federazione Russa 175
IE - Irlanda 172
FI - Finlandia 154
AL - Albania 150
VN - Vietnam 101
TR - Turchia 95
BE - Belgio 21
NL - Olanda 20
FR - Francia 18
CA - Canada 15
AU - Australia 11
CH - Svizzera 7
EU - Europa 3
IN - India 3
IR - Iran 3
SN - Senegal 3
BG - Bulgaria 2
GR - Grecia 2
MD - Moldavia 2
TW - Taiwan 2
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BD - Bangladesh 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
ES - Italia 1
IQ - Iraq 1
JP - Giappone 1
MM - Myanmar 1
MY - Malesia 1
PL - Polonia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
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Southend 1769
Woodbridge 1454
Fairfield 1146
Houston 841
Chandler 727
Ann Arbor 680
Wilmington 624
Nanjing 529
Seattle 444
Ashburn 399
Dearborn 382
Jacksonville 366
Cambridge 333
Princeton 288
Shenyang 201
Nanchang 184
Beijing 180
Dublin 170
Jinan 149
Hebei 145
Changsha 121
Tianjin 109
Bremen 106
Dong Ket 101
Jiaxing 97
Izmir 95
Boardman 79
Venezia 77
Plano 71
Redwood City 69
San Diego 63
Rome 61
Hangzhou 53
Ningbo 51
Zhengzhou 44
Kunming 42
Guangzhou 33
Taizhou 31
Hefei 26
Orange 25
Bari 22
Brussels 21
Fuzhou 20
Lanzhou 19
Taiyuan 17
Changchun 14
Flushing 14
Haikou 13
Verona 12
Altamura 10
Milan 10
Andover 8
Mountain View 8
Toronto 8
Alameda 7
Wuhan 7
Detroit 6
Fort Worth 6
Norwalk 6
Auburn Hills 5
Gunzenhausen 5
Cattolica 4
Dallas 4
Evanston 4
Helsinki 4
Lawrence 4
Renton 4
Shanghai 4
Walnut 4
Westminster 4
Zurich 4
Cantagallo 3
Chongqing 3
Dakar 3
Eugene 3
Irvine 3
London 3
Los Angeles 3
Montréal 3
North York 3
Stevenage 3
Wenzhou 3
Xian 3
Berlin 2
Chengdu 2
Chisinau 2
College Station 2
Limerick 2
Länna 2
Mansfield 2
Milpitas 2
New York 2
Palermo 2
Pardis 2
San Mateo 2
Santa Cruz 2
Shaoxing 2
Sofia 2
Allentown 1
Amsterdam 1
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Nome #
Silver nanoparticles stabilized with thiols: a close look at the local chemistry and chemical structure 238
“An XPS study on the covalent immobilization of adhesion peptides on a glass surface” 203
“Quantum Chemical Modeling of Interaction between Gold Nanoclusters and Thiols” 188
Nanofibers of Human Tropoelastin-inspired peptides: Structural characterization and biological properties 186
A NEXAFS and XPS study of the adsorption of self-assembling peptides on TiO2: the influence of the side chains 174
Fluctuation Spectroscopy Analysis of Glucose Capped Gold Nanoparticles 173
Synthesis of functionalized gold nanoparticles capped with 3-mercapto-1-propansulfonate and 1-thioglucose mixed thiols and “in vitro” bioresponse 173
A model study for tethering of (bio)active molecules to biomaterial surfaces through arginine 171
XPS investigation on the structure of two dipeptides studied as models of selfassembling oligopeptides: comparison between experiments and theory 167
H2O surface interaction of oxygen-free polyphenylacetylene films investigated by XPS 166
Chemoselective hydrogenation of halonitroaromatics over γ-Fe2O3-supported platinum nanoparticles: The role of the support on their catalytic activity and selectivity 166
EXAFS in total reflection (reflEXAFS) for the study of organometallic Pd(II) thiol complexes based Self-Assembled Monolayers on gold 164
Binuclear Pd(II) complexes with alkynyl ligands and functionalised tail-groups: molecular and electronic structure studied by XPS and EXAFS 162
Synthesis and microstructural investigations of organometallic Pd(II) thiol-gold nanoparticles hybrids 161
Structural Changes of Conjugated Pt-Containing Polymetallaynes Exposed to Gamma Ray Radiation Doses 161
Assessment of novel chemical strategies for covalent attachment of adhesive peptides to rough titanium surfaces: XPS analysis and biological evaluation 160
Palladium nanoparticles supported on polyvinylpyridine: catalytic activity in Heck-type reactions and XPS structural studies 160
null 156
XAS study of a Pt-containing rod-like organometallic polymer 155
Self Assembling Monolayers of dialkynyl bridged Pd(II) thiols obtained by thermally induced multilayer desorption: thermal and chemical stability investigated by SR-XPS 154
Self assembling behaviour of self-complementary oligopeptides on biocompatible substrates 152
Dinuclear Pt and Pd complexes metalloporphyrin bridges: a NEXAFS study of the electronic structure and self-assembling properties 152
Mechanisms underlying the attachment and spreading of human osteoblasts: From transient interactions to focal adhesions on vitronectin-grafted bioactive surfaces 151
Mono and bifunctional arenethiols as surfactants for gold nanoparticles: synthesis and characterization 151
Molecular orientations, electronic properties and charge transfer timescale in a Zn-porphyrin/C70 donor-acceptor complex for solar cells 148
Diethynyl-Zn-Porphyrin based assemblies: optical and morphological studies of nanostructured thin films 148
NEXAFS study of a Pt-containing rod-like organometallic polymer (Pt-DEBP). Molecular orientation onto HOPG, Au/Si(111), Cr/Si(111) and Si(111) surfaces 148
Thiol–ene Mediated Neoglycosylation of Collagen Patches: A Preliminary Study 145
Cadmium oxidation in different environments: an XPS study 142
Photoemission study of the Cu/MnO interface 140
Molecular orientation of new functional mixed aromatic molecules deposited onto Au/Si(111): comparison between angular dependent NEXAFS analysis and theoretical calculations 138
Solid state reactions of RhCl(PPh3)3: an XPS study 138
Structure of a monolayer of Pd- diethynylbiphenyl deposited on chromium studied by total reflection EXAFS 138
Gold Nanoparticles Stabilized with Aromatic Thiols: Interaction at the Molecule-metal Interface and Ligands Arrangement in the Molecular Shell Investigated by SR-XPS and NEXAFS 137
Interface formation between C60 and diethynyl-Zn-porphyrinato investigated by SR-induced photoelectron and near-edge X-ray absorption (NEXAFS) spectroscopies 133
Galactose grafting on poly(epsilon-caprolactone) substrates for tissue engineering: a preliminary study 132
Gas-phase Photoemission investigation of diethynyl-thiophene: experiment and theory 130
5-methyl-2-mercaptobenzoxazole adsorbed on Cu2S surface studied by synchrotron radiation excited photoemission 129
Thiophene-containing organometallic polymers studied by near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy 128
XPS structural data and correlation with Mossbauer spectra for Tin-organic compounds: adducts of RnSnCl4-n with 1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane 127
Iodine-polyphenylacetylene charge transfer complex: an ab initio quantum chemical assessment 127
Vibronic structure fingerprints in NEXAFS: a theoretical study of 2-mercaptobenzoxazole 125
Chemical interaction at the Cu/ PPA interface: an X-ray photoemission investigation 125
Thin Cu films on aluminum: a photoemission investigation 125
Cr metallization of polyphenylacetylene thin film investigated by XPS 123
Organometallic Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Polymers Containing 2,6-Diethynyl-4-nitroaniline Bridging Spacer and Related Dinuclear Model Complexes 122
AES analysis of copper growth on MnO 122
Characterization of palladium-on-alumina catalysts by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 122
Gold Nanoparticles Stabilized with Aromatic Thiols: Interaction at the Molecule-metal Interface and Ligands Arrangement in the Molecular Shell Investigated by SR-XPS and NEXAFS 121
Dendron Synthesis and Carbohydrate Immobilisation on a Biomaterial Surface by a Double Click Reaction 121
Organic conducting polymers: synthesis, characterization and conductivity of polyethynylfluorenol 120
Surface modifications of plasma-sprayed bioglasses upon interaction with phosphate buffer and albumin solutions: a photoelectron spectroscopy study 120
Surface reactions of a plasma-sprayed CaO-P2O5-SiO2-based glass with albumin, fibroblasts and granulocytes studied by XPS, fluorescence and chemiluminescence 119
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of novel p-conjugated ethynyl thiophene containing Pd(II) complexes and of their interaction with chromium 118
The growth mode of copper and iron for the Cu/Fe and Fe/Cu interfaces 118
Further insight in chromium growth on the surface of an organometallic polymer film 118
Synthesis and XPS characterization of organometallic Pd containing polymers from monosubstituted acetylenes 118
Covalent surface modification of titanium oxide with different adhesive peptides: surface characterization and osteoblast-like adhesion 116
Evidence for oxygen island formation on Al(111): cluster model theory and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 116
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of iodine-doped polyethynylferrocene 115
Orientation and interaction changes as a function of layer thickness: a NEXAFS study of 2-mercaptobenzoxazole on Pt(111) 115
XPS study of MnO2 minerals treated by bioleaching 115
XPS, NEXAFS, and theoretical study of phenylacetylene adsorbed on Cu(100) 114
“Gold nanoparticles stabilized with metalloporphyrin based Pd(II) dimers” 114
"Soluble poly(monosubstituted)acetylenes with quaternary ammonium pendant groups. Structure and morphology" 113
Local structure parameters through the fitting of XANES spectra using a multidimensional interpolation: application to the Pd k-edge of Pd-diethynylbiphenyl polymer 113
Thetraphenyl-Zn-porphyrin growth onto Ag(111) and Si(111) surfaces monitored by NEXAFS spectroscopies at the N K-edge 112
Interface formation of phenylacetylene with Cr investigated by XPS 112
Investigations on the response to humidity of an interdigitated electrode structure coated with iodine doped polyphenyl acetylene 111
XPS of coordination compounds: data on the electronic structure of a series of Cu(II)N,N'-cyclic substituted dithiocarbamates 111
XPS photoelectron study (ESCA) of some nickel (II) phosphine complexes with catalytic activity in cyclotrimerization reaction of acetylenes 110
XPS study of the oxidation of a Cu-Cd thin film 110
Synthesis and characterization of poly(ethynyltrimethylsilane) containing Pd(II) coordination sites 110
Study of chemical structure and conjugation lenght in organometallic Pt(II) oligomers and polymers containing 1,4-diethynylbenzene derivatives as bridging units 109
High resolution NEXAFS spectroscopy study of gas-phase phenylacetylene: experiment and theory 107
Photoelectron spectroscopy study of FeCl3 doped polyphenylacetylene 105
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy characterization of novel poly(monosubstituted) acetylenes containing doping species 105
Photoemission study of the Fe/MnO interface formation 105
Effects of electron density shift in five-coordinated Pt(II) complexes with olefins. An XPS study 104
Cu/polyphenylacetylene interface investigated by means of XPS 104
Ethynyl porphyrin bridging bis-phosphine Pt(II) centers: molecular models for conjugated organometallic porphyrin polymers 103
Mossbauer, FIR and XPS investigations on the chemical interaction of polyconjugated monosubstituted acetylenes with SnCl2 and SnCl4 103
XPS and IR investigation of FeCl3-doped polyphenylacetylene: the solvent effect 103
Photoelectron spectra (XPS) of sulfur in metal di- and perthiocarboxylates 103
Evidence of the molecular orientation of Pt and Pd containing organometallic polymers in thick layers: a NEXAFS study 103
Sensing properties of Pt(II) containing organometallic materials towards H2S: metal-gas interaction studied by XPS and EXAFS 102
XPS study of cadmium oxidation in air 102
Photoemission study of Cu/Al interface using synchrotron radiation 101
Polymerization of P-diethynylbiphenyl via oxidative or catalytic reactions 101
Orientational probing of multi-layer 2-mercaptobenzoxazole through NEXAFS: an experimental and theoretical study 101
Novel immobilization of an adhesion peptide on the TiO2 surface: a XPs investigation 100
Silver nanoparticles linked by Pt-containing organometallic dithiol bridge: correlation between optical behaviour and local structure investigated by XAS and SR-XPS 99
Self assembled monolayers based on organometallic thiols: interaction at the interface and molecular organization 99
An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the interaction of mercapto-benzo-thiazole with cerussite 99
Synchrotron radiation photoemission study of some p-conjugated alkynes in the gas phase: experiment and theory 98
Aluminum release of pharmaceutical glass containers: determination by GF AAS in the estract solution and study of the inner surfaces by XPS and SIMS 96
AES and photoemission by synchrotron radiation studies of Cu growth on Cr2O3 95
Thin films of self-assembling peptide on TiO2 and gold studied by NEXAFS, XPS and IR spectroscopies 95
Photoemission study of two model catalysts using synchrotron radiation 95
XPS of coordination compounds: additive ligand effect in some copper (I) and copper (II) chelates with S and P donor ligand 94
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