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How to support mechanical product cost estimation in the embodiment design phase 29
Designing die inserts by additive approach: A test case 28
A Numerical Model for Simulating the Selective Laser Melting of Closed Impellers 27
A design approach to support BIM for existing structures 26
A KBE design methodology to support li-ion battery cooling for hybrid and electric vehicles 26
Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems for Industry 4.0: Architectural Approach and Pilot Case 26
A model-based approach to support the design of mold heating for composites 25
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly: A Method for Rules Classification 25
A life cycle costing of compacted lithium titanium oxide batteries for industrial applications 25
A CAD-Based Framework for Interactive Analysis in the Restoration of Bronze Statues 24
An Ecodesign approach for the lightweight engineering of cast iron parts 24
Manufacturing cost estimation during early phases of machine design 24
A design methodology to predict the product energy efficiency through a configuration tool 23
A methodological approach to support the design of induction hobs 23
Machine learning-as-a-service for consumer electronics fault diagnosis: A comparison between matlab and azure ML 23
Thermal analysis and simulation of a Li-ion battery pack for a lightweight commercial EV 22
Supporting the configuration of new product variants by reusing the implicit knowledge of past solutions 22
A knowledge based approach to support the conceptual design of ETO products 22
A constraint-based approach for optimizing the design of overhead lines 21
An industry 4.0 framework for the quality inspection in gearboxes production 21
Cooling simulation of an EV battery pack to support a retrofit project from lead-acid to li-ion cells 21
Supporting design tasks through constraint satisfaction tools 21
A Design Methodology to Support the Optimization of Steel Structures 21
Metal additive manufacturing for the rapid prototyping of shaped parts: A case study 21
A design method for improving assembly and environmental sustainability in packaging solutions: a case study in household appliances 20
Design Optimization: Tools and Methods for ETO Products 20
A design approach for overhead lines considering configurations and simulations 20
A CSP-based design framework for appliances under energy labelling 20
A decision theory approach to support action plans in cooker hoods manufacturing 20
Analysis of LGV usage for the improvement of a customized production 20
A modular optimization method based on a multi-DOE approach proposed for a centrifugal impeller 20
Eco-design and Eco-materials: An interactive and collaborative approach 19
An Approach for the Responsible Design of the Packaging Employed in Household Appliances 19
A Comparative Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Online vs Traditional Teaching of Engineering Drawing 19
A support approach for the conceptual design of energy-efficient cooker hoods 19
A Preliminary Study of a Cyber Physical System for Industry 4.0: Modelling and Co-Simulation of an AGV for Smart Factories 19
Knowledge based plants layout configuration and piping routing 18
A design methodology for the virtual energy labelling of cooking ovens 18
Cyber-physical system integration for industry 4.0: Modelling and simulation of an induction heating process for aluminium-steel molds in footwear soles manufacturing 18
Modelling and hardware-in-The-loop simulation for energy management in induction cooktops 18
Analytical thermal model for characterizing a Li-ion battery cell 18
Analyzing the environmental sustainability of packaging for household appliances: A test case 18
A design to cost method for electric cable harness 18
Energy Saving in Industrial Wireless Power Recharge System: Simulation of a PI-Sliding Mode Control for a Non-Inverting Buck-Boost Converter 17
Cyber-physical manufacturing systems: An architecture for sensor integration, production line simulation and cloud services 17
Automation of drafting execution by schemes definitions and feature recognition 17
An automatic temperature control for induction cooktops to reduce energy consumption 17
Virtual prototyping approach to evaluate the thermal management of Li-Ion batteries 17
Online Fault Detection: A Smart Approach for Industry 4.0 17
A parametric optimization approach of an induction heating system for energy consumption reduction 17
A framework to support the optimization of modularized oil&gas structures 17
A knowledge based approach for affordable virtual prototyping: The drip emitters test case 16
A design methodology for a csp-based optimization approach 16
A multi-objective and multi-level design optimization method for oil & gas ducts 16
An approach to support model based definition by PMI annotations 15
A method for the cost optimization of industrial electrical routings 15
Study and design of sustainable packaging for household hoods 15
Modular product configuration: An automatic tool for eliciting design knowledge from parametric cad models 14
Life cycle cost from consumer side: A comparison between traditional and ecological vehicles 14
Modeling and thermal simulation of a PHEV battery module with cylindrical LFP cells 14
Parametric Cost Modelling for Investment Casting 13
A methodological approach for supporting the thermal design of Li-ion battery for customized electric vehicles 13
Feasibility analysis of second life applications for Li-Ion cells used in electric powertrain using environmental indicators 13
Modeling and thermal simulation of a PHEV battery module with cylindrical LFP cells 12
A multi-objective sequential method for manufacturing cost and structural optimization of modular steel towers 11
Integrating a constraint-based optimization approach into the design of oil & gas structures 10
A support approach for the modular design of li-ion batteries: A test case with PCM 10
A model-based simulation approach to support the product configuration and optimization of gas turbine ducts 10
Temperature control of an innovative aluminium-steel molds induction preheat process placed on automated laser guided vehicles 10
Induction Mold Heating: Modelling and Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Temperature Control 10
A virtual modelling of a hybrid road tractor for freight delivery 10
Design for Additive Manufacturing: Methods and Tools 1
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