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Continente #
EU - Europa 7153
NA - Nord America 5241
AS - Asia 1710
AF - Africa 19
OC - Oceania 13
SA - Sud America 10
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
Totale 14147
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 5184
GB - Regno Unito 3207
CN - Cina 1425
DK - Danimarca 1282
IT - Italia 937
SE - Svezia 598
DE - Germania 298
UA - Ucraina 194
VN - Vietnam 182
FR - Francia 180
IE - Irlanda 109
RU - Federazione Russa 77
CA - Canada 56
AL - Albania 55
NL - Olanda 55
FI - Finlandia 50
TR - Turchia 44
BE - Belgio 26
ES - Italia 18
SN - Senegal 18
IR - Iran 16
IN - India 14
CH - Svizzera 13
PL - Polonia 12
AU - Australia 11
BR - Brasile 9
HU - Ungheria 8
RO - Romania 8
AT - Austria 6
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
JP - Giappone 5
PK - Pakistan 5
MY - Malesia 4
GR - Grecia 3
LT - Lituania 3
PH - Filippine 3
PT - Portogallo 3
SG - Singapore 3
LB - Libano 2
LU - Lussemburgo 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
TW - Taiwan 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
BD - Bangladesh 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CL - Cile 1
CY - Cipro 1
EG - Egitto 1
EU - Europa 1
KH - Cambogia 1
MD - Moldavia 1
ME - Montenegro 1
OM - Oman 1
PR - Porto Rico 1
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Southend 3121
Woodbridge 668
Fairfield 579
Chandler 553
Rome 432
Wilmington 334
Houston 315
Ann Arbor 280
Nanjing 258
Ashburn 229
Dearborn 223
Seattle 213
Dong Ket 181
Plano 163
San Diego 162
Cambridge 151
Jacksonville 141
Princeton 134
Beijing 131
Jinan 128
Shenyang 125
Dublin 109
Hebei 94
Boardman 93
Nanchang 87
Redwood City 82
Tianjin 76
Changsha 65
Jiaxing 55
San Mateo 53
Zhengzhou 53
Hangzhou 50
Ottawa 41
Braunschweig 40
Izmir 38
Milan 38
Amsterdam 35
Kunming 34
Ningbo 34
San Venanzo 30
Brussels 25
Augusta 23
Taiyuan 22
Taizhou 22
Haikou 21
Lanzhou 21
Bremen 18
Dakar 18
Guangzhou 17
Hefei 17
Grafing 15
Toronto 13
Alameda 12
Fuzhou 12
London 12
Shanghai 12
Ercolano 10
Mcdonough 10
Rieti 10
Kraków 9
Red Bud 9
Siracusa 9
Lawrence 8
Mentana 8
Mumbai 8
Orange 8
Westminster 8
Bagheria 7
Dallas 7
Flushing 7
Torino 7
Altamura 6
Leawood 6
Norwalk 6
Paris 6
Stevenage 6
Vienna 6
Barcelona 5
Bologna 5
Changchun 5
Charlottesville 5
Coburg 5
Fremont 5
Genzano Di Roma 5
Kent 5
Las Vegas 5
Madrid 5
Mountain View 5
Riva Del Garda 5
Trieste 5
Valley 5
Xian 5
Andover 4
Atlanta 4
Bari 4
Campobasso 4
Chicago 4
Duncan 4
Eugene 4
Formello 4
Totale 10176
Nome #
Impact of Pavement Defects on Motorcycles’ Road Safety 328
Diverging Driver Performance Along Deceleration Lanes: Driving Simulator Study 321
Predictive Speed Models for Two-Lane Rural Roads Using GPS Equipment 295
Analysis of drivers speeds under night driving conditions using a driving simulator 289
Analysis of the effect of pavement defects on safety of powered two wheelers 276
Effects of the number of exit lanes on the driving performance of drivers who diverge from highway 262
Measurement of moisture under road pavement: a new approach based on GPR signal processing in the frequency domain 255
Prediction of rutting evolution in flexible pavement life cycle at the road network scale using an air-launched ground-penetrating radar system 251
Evaluating the effects of the number of exit lanes on the diverging driver performance 249
Operating Speed Prediction for Italian Two-Lane Rural Roads Using Speed Profiles from GPS Data 247
GPR Applications Across Engineering and Geosciences Disciplines in Italy: A Review 247
Investigating Car-Following Behaviour on Italian Highway 241
Modeling Driver Speed Behavior using Day and Night Tests in a Driving Simulator 237
Advanced and effective indicator for road risk assessment 237
Road Safety Technologies 235
Improving safety of runway overrun through the correct numerical evaluation of rutting in Cleared and Graded Areas 231
GPR Signal processing in frequency domain using Artificial Neural Network for water content prediction in unsaturated subgrade 229
Applying telecommunications methodology to road safety for rear-end collision avoidance 226
FDTD simulation of the GPR signal for effective inspection of pavement damages 224
Integrated road pavement survey using GPR and LFWD 222
Approach Based on Interactive Simulation for Design of Main Rural Roads 214
Signal processing for optimisation of low-powered GPR data with application in transportation engineering (roads and railways) 214
A self-understanding-road is understandable also by older drivers? 213
Driver Reaction Time to Avoid Collisions During a Mobile Phone Conversation 213
Investigating driver reaction time and speed during mobile phone conversations with a lead vehicle in front: A driving simulator comprehensive study 209
An experimental-based model for the assessment of the mechanical properties of road pavements using ground-penetrating radar 206
Applicazioni del Georadar al monitoraggio delle strade: i risultati consolidati e le prospettive 205
The Effect of Curve Characteristics on Driving Behavior: a Driving Simulator Study 200
An empirical study on traffic safety indicators for the analysis of car-following conditions 191
A Driving Simulator Study on Diverging Driver Performance Along Tapered and Parallel Deceleration Lane 189
Degradi della pavimentazione e sicurezza stradale. 187
Prediction of drainage capability of open graded mixture A state of the art and novel perspectives 186
A validation study for analysing driving performance on deceleration and acceleration lanes using a driving simulator 184
Gli effetti dei degradi della pavimentazione sulla dinamica del veicolo 184
On-site inspections of pavement damages evolution using GPR 183
Effects of mobile telephone tasks on driving performance: a driving simulator study 180
Advanced approaches to road safety evaluations 179
A spectral analysis of ground-penetrating radar data for the assessment of the railway ballast geometric properties 179
Gli effetti indotti dalle buche sulla sicurezza di circolazione dei motoveicoli 178
Mobile Phone and Driving 178
Advanced simulation methods in solving interdisciplinary problems of planning and designing the transport space 178
Effects of mobile telephone tasks on driving performance: a driving simulation study 175
A semi-empirical model for the prediction of fouling in railway ballast using GPR 175
Good practices for the operational safety management in the early recovery phase of a seismic event using GPR 174
Recenti sviluppi nelle applicazioni del Georadar alle infrastrutture di trasporto 174
Use of terrestrial laser scanner for rigid airport pavement management 172
Quality control of road project: identification and validation of a safety indicator 171
Applying Perceptual Treatments for Reducing Operating Speeds on Curves: A Driving Simulator Study for Investigating Driver’s Speed Behavior 169
Automatic network-level bridge monitoring by integration of InSAR and GIS catalogues 168
Avoiding Rear-End Collisions by Low-Cost Inter-Vehicular Communications 153
Investigation of mechanical properties of pavement through electromagnetic techniques 144
Investigating Drivers’ Behaviour During Diverging Maneuvers Using an Instrumented Vehicle 144
GPR-based evaluation of strength properties of unbound pavement material from electrical characteristics 139
A study of the effects of road tunnel on driver behavior and road safety using driving simulator 132
Health monitoring approach for transport infrastructure and bridges by satellite remote sensing Persistent Scatterers Interferometry (PSI) 121
Evaluation of the impact of pavement degradation on driving comfort and safety using a dynamic simulation model 120
An overview of ground-penetrating radar signal processing techniques for road inspections 112
BIM and GIS data integration: a novel approach of technical/environmental decision-making process in transport Infrastructure design 110
Non-destructive Assessment and Health Monitoring of Railway Infrastructures 108
Bridge monitoring and assessment by high-resolution satellite remote sensing technologies 106
Integration of InSAR and GPR Techniques for Monitoring Transition Areas in Railway Bridges 105
Potential of an air-launched GPR system for detecting pavement damages evolution: a case study 86
A driving simulator study to assess driver performance during a car-following maneuver after switching from automated control to manual control 84
Railway Ballast Monitoring by GPR: A Test Site Investigation 82
Displacement monitoring in Airport Runways by Persistent Scatterers SAR Interferometry 82
Evaluating the effectiveness of perceptual treatments on sharp curves: a driving simulator study 81
Testing sentinel-1 sar interferometry data for airport runway monitoring: A geostatistical analysis 81
EXTRA-TN: A novel approach for an extended resilience analysis of transport networks. 79
Assessment of driver distraction caused by social networking activities using the smartphone: a driving simulator study 78
Evaluation of driving performance after a transition from automated to manual control: a driving simulator study 77
BIM for infrastructure: an efficient process to achieve 4D and 5D digital dimensions 74
Transport infrastructure monitoring by data fusion of GPR and SAR imagery information 73
Assessing the effectiveness of Augmented Reality cues in preventing rear-end collisions: a driving simulator study 73
A novel geo-statistical approach for transport infrastructure network monitoring by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) 71
A driving simulator study for evaluating driving performance during car-following manoeuvre after a transition from automated to manual control 70
Guest editorial: Data Fusion, integration and advances of non-destructive testing methods in civil and environmental engineering 70
Evaluation of the impact of pavement degradation on driving comfort and safety using a dynamic simulation model 68
A design approach on the use of lightweight filling materials for construction of an aircraft deicing station at a critical soil site: A case study 65
Advances in the Prediction of the Bearing Capacity of Road Flexible Pavements using GPR 63
A Driving Simulator Study for Assessing the Potential of Augmented Reality Technology to Improve the Safety of Passing Maneuvers 63
Applicazioni BIM per le infrastrutture di trasporto 60
Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry for Structural Assessment of Bridges: The Rochester Bridge Case Study 58
A novel BIM approach for supporting technical decision-making process in transport infrastructure management 53
Remote Sensing Measurements for the Structural Monitoring of Historical Masonry Bridges 52
Driving Simulator Study for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Virtual Warnings to Improve the Safety of Interaction between Cyclists and Vehicles 52
Synergistic monitoring of transport infrastructures by multi-temporal InSAR and GPR technologies: a case study in Salerno, Italy 51
Monitoring of bridges by MT-InSAR and unsupervised machine learning clustering techniques 50
Effectiveness of Augmented Reality Warnings on Driving Performance While Approaching Pedestrian Crossings: a Driving Simulator Study 49
BIM e digital twin per la sicurezza stradale 49
Integrating Non-Destructive Surveys into a Preliminary BIM-Oriented Digital Model for Possible Future Application in Road Pavements Management 48
A Driving Simulator Validation Study for Evaluating the Driving Performance on Deceleration and Acceleration Lanes 47
Integration of GPR and FWD methods for the assessment of airfield aprons 46
Editorial 40
Evaluation of Augmented Reality Cues to Improve the Safety of Left-Turn Maneuvers in a Connected Environment: a Driving Simulator Study 37
Le potenzialità del BIM applicate alla progettazione delle infrastrutture viarie 36
Effectiveness of Augmented Reality Warnings on Driving Behavior Whilst Approaching Pedestrian Crossings: a Driving Simulator Study 36
GPR Data Collection and Processing Strategies for Railway Ballast Evaluation 35
I-BIM e gestione della sicurezza 32
Health monitoring of railway ballast by air-launched GPR surveys 31
Totale 14458
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