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OC - Oceania 9
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
SA - Sud America 2
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 7778
DK - Danimarca 2938
GB - Regno Unito 2572
CN - Cina 2467
SE - Svezia 512
UA - Ucraina 493
DE - Germania 468
IT - Italia 445
RU - Federazione Russa 180
IE - Irlanda 152
AL - Albania 138
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VN - Vietnam 130
TR - Turchia 64
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NL - Olanda 30
IR - Iran 20
BE - Belgio 19
JP - Giappone 13
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AT - Austria 7
CA - Canada 7
HU - Ungheria 7
TW - Taiwan 4
ES - Italia 3
EU - Europa 3
EE - Estonia 2
MY - Malesia 2
PL - Polonia 2
PT - Portogallo 2
RO - Romania 2
BG - Bulgaria 1
BR - Brasile 1
CL - Cile 1
CR - Costa Rica 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
LT - Lituania 1
RS - Serbia 1
SM - San Marino 1
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Fairfield 1031
Wilmington 692
Ann Arbor 592
Houston 577
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Chandler 401
Ashburn 394
Jacksonville 377
Cambridge 346
Princeton 257
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Beijing 205
Jinan 191
Nanchang 181
Rome 171
Plano 158
Dublin 143
Changsha 133
Dong Ket 130
Hebei 127
Redwood City 123
Tianjin 115
Jiaxing 92
Hangzhou 72
Zhengzhou 71
Kunming 66
Izmir 62
Ningbo 57
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Guangzhou 45
Orange 44
Taizhou 43
Haikou 41
Hefei 39
Taiyuan 32
Lanzhou 29
Milan 29
Boardman 28
Venezia 28
Westminster 28
Alameda 21
San Paolo di Civitate 20
Altamura 19
Fuzhou 19
Brussels 17
Lawrence 17
Flushing 14
Mountain View 14
Bari 13
Norwalk 13
Verona 13
Wuhan 12
Hamedan 10
Sunnyvale 9
Changchun 8
Cork 8
Indiana 8
Chengdu 7
Shanghai 7
Simi Valley 7
Stevenage 7
Fort Worth 6
London 6
Naples 6
Auburn Hills 5
Catania 5
Falls Church 5
Monterotondo 5
Novosibirsk 5
Quzhou 5
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Wenzhou 5
Yellow Springs 5
Baotou 4
Centrale 4
Düsseldorf 4
Hanover 4
Loughborough 4
North York 4
Rende 4
Shaoxing 4
Swindon 4
Taipei 4
Walnut 4
Xian 4
Bologna 3
Chaoyang 3
Chongqing 3
Dallas 3
Harbin 3
Kongens Lyngby 3
L'aquila 3
Maranello 3
New York 3
Torino 3
Alghero 2
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Nome #
Hydro-acoustic and tsunami waves generated by the 2012 Haida Gwaii earthquake: Modeling and in situ measurements 230
Analysis of the nonlinear storage–discharge relation for hillslopes through 2D numerical modelling 205
Underwater acoustic positioning system for the SMO and KM3NeT - Italia projects 199
Tsunami early warning system based on real-time measurements of hydro-acoustic waves 197
The use of wave forecasts for maritime activities safety assessment 194
Application of wavelet transform analysis to landslide generated waves 192
Flap gate farm: From Venice lagoon defense to resonating wave energy production. Part 2: Synchronous response to incident waves in open sea 188
Simulation of small-amplitude frequency-dispersive transient waves by means of the mild-slope equation 186
Wavenumber–frequency analysis of the landslide-generated tsunamis at a conical island 184
An improved analytical model for estimating water level set-up and currents induced by waves over submerged low crested coastal defence structures 179
Laboratory generation of solitary waves: An inversion technique to improve available methods 176
Tsunamis generated by landslides at the coast of conical islands: experimental benchmark dataset for mathematical model validation 176
Internal generation of waves in 2D fully-elliptic mild-slope equation FEM models 175
Feasibility of Tsunami Early Warning Systems for small volcanic islands 174
Depth-integrated equation for hydro-acoustic waves with bottom damping 174
3D numerical modeling of landslide-generated tsunamis around a conical island 173
A Boussinesq modelling of breaking waves: description of turbulence 173
Tsunamis generated by landslide along the coast of a conical island: new three-dimensional experiments 171
Boundary conditions for modeling scattered wave field around floating bodies in elliptic wave models 171
Swash zone boundary conditions for long wave models 168
Landslide generated tsunamis runup at the coast of a conical island: New physical model experiments 168
On using boussinesq-type equations near the shoreline: a note of caution 167
Inclusion of landslide tsunamis generation into a depth integrated wave model 166
Met-ocean and heeling analysis during the violent 21/22 october 2014 storm faced by the sailboat ECO40 in the gulf of lion: Comparison between measured and numerical wind data 165
Modeling tsunamis generated by submerged landslides using depth integrated equations 165
Real-time inversion of tsunamis generated by landslides 164
On swash zone boundary conditions for wave-averaged models 164
Modal analysis of semi-enclosed basins 163
Uncertainties in the physical modelling of the wave overtopping over a rubble mound breakwater: The role of the seeding number and of the test duration 163
Integral flow properties of the swash zone and averaging. Part 2. Shoreline boundary conditions for wave-averaged models 163
Large-scale numerical modeling of hydro-acoustic waves generated by tsunamigenic earthquakes 161
Prototype measurements and small-scale model tests of wave overtopping at shallow rubble-mound breakwaters: the Ostia-Rome yacht harbour case 160
Depth-integrated equation for large scale modelling of low-frequency hydroacoustic waves 160
Three-dimensional experiments on landslide generated waves at a sloping coast 159
Full-scale measurement of wave overtopping at Ostia-Rome yacht harbour breakwater 159
A comparison of two different types of shoreline boundary conditions 158
Treatment of wave-breaking and total absorption in a mild-slope equation FEM model 157
Development of a high-resolution nearshore wave forecasting/hindcasting system for the Italian coasts 157
Numerical modeling of low frequency hydro-acoustic waves generated by submarine tsunamigenic earthquake 157
On the shoreline boundary conditions for Boussinesq-type models 156
Measurement of long waves at the harbor of Marina di Carrara, Italy 156
Design of an artificial surf reef at s. marinella, Rome (italy) 155
Performance evaluation of a point absorber wave energy converter 155
Field measurements of wave overtopping at the rubble mound breakwater of Rome-Ostia yacht harbour 154
Boussinesq modeling of breaking waves: Description of turbulence 153
Wave-power absorption from a finite array of Oscillating Wave Surge converters 151
Fenomeni transitori connessi alla risonanza portuale 151
A three dimensional numerical model for complex interaction between water waves and coastal structures 151
Implementation and validation of a coastal forecasting system for wind waves in the Mediterranean Sea 151
Tsunami and shelf resonance on the northern Chile coast 149
Generation and Propagation of Frequency-Dispersive Tsunamis 148
Formation of Hydro-acoustic Waves in Weakly Compressible Fluid Interacting with Viscous Weakly Compressible Seabed 148
Eof analysis of complex response of Venice mobile gates 148
A numerical study on rip currents forced by time-varying wave conditions 147
Full frequency dispersive numerical modelling of tsunamis. Large scale application to the south tyrrhenian sea 145
Transient response of harbours to long waves under resonance conditions 145
Closure to "Treatment of wave breaking and total absorption in a mild-slope equation FEM model" by Gian Mario Beltrami, Giorgio Bellotti, Paolo De Girolamo, and Paolo Sammarco 143
Hazards to people and property from wave overtopping at coastal structures 143
Experimental validation and characterization of mean swash zone boundary conditions 142
Tsunami waves generated by landslides along a straight sloping coast: New three-dimensional experiments 139
3D physical modeling of tsunamis generated by submerged landslides at a conical island: The role of initial acceleration 139
Numerical modelling of long waves amplification at Marina di Carrara Harbour 139
Laboratory generation of solitary waves: an inversion technique to improve available methods 138
Full frequency dispersive numerical modelling of tsunamis. Large scale application to the South Tyrrhenian sea 137
L’e-learning nell’insegnamento universitario tradizionale 137
Identification of post-transcriptional regulatory networks during myeloblast-to-monocyte differentiation transition 136
Analysis of the 21/22 October 2014 storm experienced by the sailboat ECO40 in the Gulf of Lion 136
A simplified model of rip currents systems around discontinuous submerged breakwaters 135
Boosting blue growth in a mild sea: Analysis of the synergies produced by a multi-purpose offshore installation in the Northern Adriatic, Italy 135
Hydro-acoustic Wave Generation During the Tohoku-oki 2011 Earthquake 134
On the Resonant Behavior of a Weakly Compressible Water Layer During Tsunamigenic Earthquakes 134
SPH modelling of non linear shallow water equations 133
Numerical simulation of three dimensional tsunamis water waves generated by landslides: Comparison between physical model results, VOF and SPH 133
2D-H modeling of tunamis generated by landslides 130
The swash zone as a boundary layer 130
A simplified model for estimating rip currents flow parameters: application to a study case 129
Hydraulic and numerical modeling of the performance of PI-type Floating Breakwaters 127
Boussinesq modelling of water waves generated by subaerial landslides 125
3D numerical investigation on landslide generated tsunamis around a conical island 124
The combined role of bay and shelf modes in tsunamis amplification along the coast 123
On the hydrodynamics of breaking waves 123
Analisi della burrasca del 21/22 ottobre 2014 incontrata dall’imbarcazione a vela ECO 40 nel Golfo del Leone 122
Ottimizzazione della disposizione planimetrica delle dighe frangiflutti portuali per contenere i problemi di sedimentazione 121
Modal analysis of semi-enclosed coastal basins: natural modes and their influence in the response to transient long waves 121
Una tecnica di inversione per il miglioramento della generazione di onde solitarie in laboratorio 121
Il progetto SMO: Submarine Multidisciplinary Observatory 120
Misure di prototipo per lo studio della risonanza del porto di Marina di Carrara 120
Wavenumber-frequency analysis of landslide-generated tsunamis at a conical island. Part II: EOF and modal analysis 120
Un modello agli elementi finiti per la risoluzione della ‘mild slope equation’ con l’inclusione di un termine dissipativo 119
Field measurement of harbour resonance at Marina di Carrara 119
Some swash zone boundary conditions for wave-averaged models 118
Physical and numerical tests on the stability of concrete block to protection of the mound berm at caisson toe 117
Studio della penetrazione del moto ondoso nei porti mediante l’ applicazione di un modello di boussinesq 117
Prototype measurement and analysis of overtopping waves individual volume at the Roma yacht harbour rubble mound breakwater 116
The Italian activities on tsunami risk mitigation-The operating landslide tsunami early warning system of Stromboli (Aeolian Islands-Italy) 116
Simulation of fluid-structure interaction using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Nonlinear Shallow Water Equations 116
Misura in prototipo della tracimazione ondosa sulla diga a scogliera del porto turistico di Roma a Ostia 116
Wave overtopping at Ostia yacht harbour breakwater, comparison between prototype and model tests in 2D and 3D 115
Sull'incertezza della modellazione sperimentale della tracimazione ondosa sulle opere marittime di difesa 114
Analytical and numerical investigation on landslide tsunamis propagating along a plane beach 113
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